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Touring Green - Blog 2: Vancouver (May 15-17) 

CBC Calling, Give 'Em Enough Photoshoots, Combat Hoko's and The Mainista!

So, as I write my second blog entry over a week after my first, I realize that it’s hard to update a blog when you’re in the mountains and the people who have been kind enough to put you up don’t have the internet (not to mention how hard it is to compose these after cycling nearly 100k)… that being said, I think you’ll enjoy these as there’s lots to say and now there’s pictures and videos too!

Vancouver brought with it a busy schedule as, in addition to the to shows, there was much other stuff to do. On Tuesday, May 14th, I took my first bike sans trailer into town from the wonderful Lindsay Dee Macphee’s & Mike’s place ( to Cambie St. to meet with Canadian music scene mastermind, Grant Lawrence and do an interview on his CBC Radio 3 show.

After meeting with him and long lost friend Chris Kelly (who’s rad band you should check out:, we went downstairs to take some shots of me with The Grinch costume on for a nice photo-op for the blog. It was then that bike theft paranoia developed to the point that would rival the sketchiest of your sketchiest fiends after a late night of partying; many began to warn me that I might lose my bike if only left unguarded for a second. So, for the remainder of my time in Vancouver, I took my bike everywhere like it was a small baby made out of blue aluminum. Here’s the podcast link for the CBC Radio 3 Podcast and the link for the main blog site to download the interview:



That night was possibly the most difficult task I had in a long while as I was doing some photos with a friend and photographer extraordinaire, Todd M Duym ( What made this photoshoot so difficult, and what made it not just me trying my best “blue steel”, was that Todd had suggested we try an unusual photo technique involving me sitting still for 29min exposures while the entire “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” was projected on to me… in the end, giving the appearance of a white light but, with a little more attention, the glare from the film’s projection give the fore and background all kinds on interesting shadows and lighting. What made it most difficult was that, after sitting and standing for the first two 29min exposures, I was leaning back up against the wall for the third in an angle which became excruciatingly painful at about 2mins in. To give you an idea of the back pain in terms we can all understand: the back pain would be the equivalent to if that marionette, from the back pain commercials, were to have a javelin in his back rather than a pin.


The gig at Hoko’s was a fun time for sure. Hoko’s is the Gus’ Pub of Vancouver except, instead of it being in the heart of fun neighbourhood North End, it’s in the middle of some serious serious crack (like this crack does not even joke around it’s all like “i’m working on a hard assignment and I don’t have time to play games”). The infamous “trumpet run” from me set was interrupted for the first time as Hoko forgot to open his 12ft, barbed-wire fence for me and I was left in the alley with some people that definitely weren’t low. Fun night all in all with It’s a Living Thing, Evan Symons, and Au Secour. The next night had some fun-filled times at The Main where I played with Tariq and his wonderful band… wicked venue albeit a small and cozy stage.

"Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way!" - Dr. Seuss


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