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To serve and protect 

To the editor,

I am writing in response to your article about crime in the city. Mostly I would like to comment on the reaction of our men in blue—what is wrong with our police? There have been two separate occasions when I have been literally half a block from my house on Falkland Street (a block from the cop shop) and I have been jumped and needed police protection. So I do what's been drilled into our heads—call 911. First I was treated like I was a big annoyance by the operator, and wasn't taken seriously at all. My life was threatened, I needed help and I got nothing. I felt even more threatened knowing I was basically on my own. I even waited 45 minutes once for the cops to show up and they never did, but magically the next day police reports were filled out and the guy was apprehended…but why didn't they come and see if I was OK? The description they had of the guy was backwards, so did they really even get him? I contacted the chief of police and he did nothing. He actually said not to worry about the guy, that he was probably just drunk. Would he have said that to his daughter? The second time was almost the same. The cops did show up, 20 minutes too late. So I can say I will never use the service again, even though I help pay for it.

But the real issue for me is this: I know there are serious things going on in the city that the cops need to address, but is hunting down a bunch of 35-year-old skateboarders for over a half an hour one of them? Circling around our neighbourhood with the paddy wagon because you saw them skating down the street? Hunting backyards with flashlights? Is this really what's important?

Next time someone tells me to my face that they are going to kill me, maybe I should call 911 and say I am skateboarding; maybe then I will get their attention. Because we all know how threatening a piece of wood with four wheels is.

By Megan McMullin

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