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Re: “Supporting the public servants

I searched and searched for the news article/shows that followed female HRFES candidates at the last designated recruitment as I thought that might give an idea of what numbers of women that apply versus make it. I couldn't find anything on the net.

But I could find information about HRM police in the Halifax magazine article about Brenda Zima http://www.halifaxmag.com/pastissue_articl…

Generally Fire and Police follow pretty similar training routines and selection processes. ( and quite well established rivalry) So it is remarkable the different numbers of female firefighters versus female police officers ( 84 out of 445 with 11 out of 26 recent recruits being female).

Canadian Forces recruitment sites show only 1.6 % of the direct combat force is female but they show 12 % women as career soldiers.

But when have you last seen a show on TV that has a female firefighter? There are lots of TV spots for female cops (and visible minority firefighters) etc. In fact Third Watch had a significant female cop presence but the female firefighters were delegated to EMT duties....

The gender discrimination or suggestion that firefighters are all men is a wide spread cultural thing. Addressing it is likely more complicated than just a designated hiring. And most Fire Chief sites seem to have ideas and ways to address the gender disparity in the fire services as they see it as a problem. And after all my reading I bow down to those who are going to have to work these processes out.

So maybe we need to ask Bill Mosher if he thinks he needs to address gender disparity and what plans and novel ways he has to do this... Do you think he would come to this conversation?

If Steve Thurber was quoted correctly as stating there shouldn't be female firefighters as they all go off on maternity leave ( and there is a big "if" to the quoted correctly) then he needs to apologize to his mother and needs to move out of his position as the bus is not likely to stop for him and he is going to get run over.

However, my hat is off to the firefighters who get through the process, my head hurt just reading all you had to do to qualify. And girlfriends who got through, you rock..

Posted by tiredofitall2 on 04/19/2009 at 9:42 PM

Re: “Supporting the public servants

Actually quite fond of research myself and was just looking up the population information when noticed yorkke's post.

http://www12.statcan.ca/census-recensement… and search for Halifax

And from a finger count of stations etc there are about 84 Captains in HRM and 3 Afro-Canadian Captains which is slightly more than proportional representation by the population base. So no discrimination for promotion at least to level of Captain that I can see. And there is a black member of a Combat challenge team. And the single black firefighter that was hired in the last 20 persons hired is actually the proportional representation expected from the population base.

Discrimination by gender is huge - as we female types make up slightly more than 50 % of the population of HRM and don't came even close to that in firefighter numbers.

Posted by tiredofitall2 on 04/19/2009 at 2:57 PM

Re: “HFD's old boy network

Wow Rifiki,

You didn't even become a new member in the last week, your job starts at 3 pm and finishes at 12:30 AM, you recently lived in Ottawa ( about 5 years ago) and "you built part of Inglis street". Damn, but you make up stories good to hide the fact you are really in management at HRM fire.

Research people, dialogue. So much better than accusations aimed to discredit someone with a differing opinion....

Posted by tiredofitall2 on 04/18/2009 at 9:39 PM

Re: “Supporting the public servants

Did I miss something?

What union published missive? What firing of everyone involved except for union protection?

So much of the pieces were sensationalised, but the letter? notice? is true and they know everyone involved? The IAFF is an amazingly powerful organization that can get around all laws and make management cave when it comes to doing what it right?

Mike Eddy is to be believed as a responsible public servant? This is the man that was pushed to retire before his term ended, entered politics because he was "bored" and had rude and nasty things to say about the winner because he is such a great guy?

Where is the 5% kernel of truth that is buried in most "responsible" journalism these days to be found. That there is prejudice today in the fire service, that is about it. Jaded enough to believe that prejudice will always exist, as we fear what we don't know. And dialogue is better than action but most of us are reactive and don't stop to look at the big picture.

Are the black fire fighters angry that no one was fired? How do I know that? How do you know that? How do we even know that any process was flawed, as a four year old reminded me lately "Life isn't fair". But neither is getting everything we want fair.

None of the pieces have been balanced, none have promoted dialogue and certainly the antagonistic approach of involving lawyers has stifled discussion and understanding and furthered the fingerpointing and blame.

Do we go the way of Nelson Mandela or the way of the war crimes tribunals of Rwanda.

Is the HRBFA ( sp) helping understanding of differences, promoting a safe place for venting frustrations or perpetuating isolation and stereotyping? I guess we would have to ask its members what is their goal?

And thanks Rafiki for pointing out that there have been black fire fighters for a few more than 12 years in HRM fire. The journalist involved couldn't even get that basic fact right, so what else is wrong? And people, you didn't just have to be white to be hired prior to that, you had to have the correct last name, the right friends. So there has been a lot of changes in the last 15 years, not just for blacks, females etc but the population of HRM in general...

Now management - probably couldn't hold up to quite the same scrutiny of "process".

And Tim, as a female, if the problems the women were having out in BC also applied to men, different sexual orientations etc and they actively excluded them from participating in the lawsuit - then they are at minimum prejudiced. It is about Human rights after all ..

Yes, and now you can all go on about my naivete as well...

But I do believe that the firefighters that arrive at my door to rescue my dog and save my house all genuinely want to be there and might even actually enjoy their job most days of the week..

Posted by tiredofitall2 on 04/17/2009 at 9:53 PM

Re: “Black firefighters file human rights complaint

Anyone other than me find it interesting that LessTalkMore Actions email contact is Hrm_exposed 2008 yet he/she claims in previous comments not to know specifics about the HRM fire services and the persons named except what is in this story. Or that they imply that Joy is insufficiently black ( as she herself has already stated has happened to her in her community) because she doesn't agree with their views. Joy's in good company as Aaron McGruder doesn't think Obama is black either.

And you wonder why I call myself tiredofitall...

Posted by tiredofitall2 on 04/12/2009 at 12:10 AM

Re: “Black firefighters file human rights complaint

When did the Coast become the talking head for Mike Eddy?

Printing names without substance and allowing hearsay to become news. I have no doubt persons in the Fire Service have been made to feel uncomfortable and bullied- not always intentionally. Black, female, asian, gay or lesbian, tall, short, fat, etc. Heck I'm female and felt a bit weirded out by the word BITCH in capitals at the top of this page until I realized it was the complaint blog. But it is about the context and history right?!.

As a computer user something stuck out at me. I wonder about printing info about IP's leading to a home addresses - as far as I know that is crap and potentially libelous. Most people have dynamic IP's and they change with a power outage of 6 hours, unfortunately experienced a lot here. Or rolled by your ISP when they make changes to the network. So 6 months later, unless a court was involved I have no idea how someone found an IP belonging to a private home?!. I can change my ip now just talking to my router. I've been on bbs for years that banned posters by IP and most gave that up as it is impossible to keep up the ban as the IP changes.

So why is the Coast making Mike Eddy the hero? who was held on a leash by a legal department? Give me a break...

And is it really true that the black firefighters aren't held to the same union negotiated contract as everyone else?! How does the Union justify that?

And joy, love you for speaking out

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Posted by tiredofitall2 on 04/11/2009 at 3:41 PM

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