This is a past event.

Thom Pain Opening Sure Thing

When: April 30-May 10 2009
Thom Pain needs a hug, and most of the audience would like to give it to him. He also needs a kick in the ass, and it seems like there’d be a lot of volunteers for that, too. For Thom Pain, as written by Will Eno and performed by Stewart Legere, is both a wounded child-man and a monumental dick. His stream of consciousness tapestry of grim childhood memories (electrocuted dogs and tragically misunderstood bees) is both hilarious and heartbreaking. It explains the damaged man that stands on the stage, but doesn’t entirely excuse his cruelty and need to control the people around him. This is play of paradoxes, and by the end of it, you’ll have been drawn in and pushed away in equal measure. Brilliant! Call 449-5317 to reserve tickets. --Kate Watson

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