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The Stillborn Lover

Intrigue, politics and passion come together in The Stillborn Lover, the story of a disgraced Canadian diplomat who is being interrogated---along with his family---at a “safe house” in Ottawa. The play is not a typical thriller; the language is both formal and poetic, the action is talked about rather than seen, and there are no heroes. But it is riveting, due in no small part to an exceptional cast, adroit direction and a beautifully imagined set that evokes a variety of locations. Stuart Hiseler gives a nuanced performance as the deeply closeted ambassador. Angela Butler strikes a beautiful balance of clarity and confusion as his wife who is in the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. There is some light humour in the casting of an everyman as a young nude Adonis, but for the most part, this is a meditative play that offers food for thought. —Kate Watson

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  • Pond Playhouse

    6 Parkhill Road, Halifax Spryfield/Purcell's Cove


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