11 things to do in Halifax when you’re high

With places to go, bands to see and cake to get delivered, HRM is a great place to enjoy legal cannabis.
Halifax is very conflicted about cannabis.

Cannabis review: Indica and sativa don’t mean much in a world gone hybrid

Lucy says relax when it comes to weed labels, and focus instead on the effects of NSLC’s “Relax” strains
Durga Mata 2 Producer: Namaste Price: $9.99 for one-gram pack

Cannabis Review: Aurora’s Banana Split

The popular strain is a mellow mood-booster from the NSLC's "Cetnre" category.
I've been intrigued by the Centre section of NSLC Cannabis since legalization.

24 weeks later: a look at Nova Scotia’s weed industry

The legalization experiment started six months ago. What are the results so far?
On October 17 last year, Canada changed when recreational cannabis became legal.

I’m a mom, and I use cannabis

Opening up about weed and motherhood in a stigmatized world
WIth Canada being six months deep into legalization, many longtime cannabis users are finally coming out of the closet, breathing in that sweet sigh of relief.

Local products to bring some fresh air to your next sesh

Get to know these Halifax-based creators making waves in the pot scene.
Sue Siri, Drink Mallow

Myrna Gillis means canna-business

CEO and power-house entrepreneur talks diversity, difference and doing it right
Myrna Gillis is no stranger to the long haul.

Six Months Since Legalization

Edison Shares Lessons Learned and Plans for the Edible Future
Time flies when you’re having fun.

The high points of the Cannabis Sessions

Saturday’s weed-focused event was an educational first for the region.
The Coast Cannabis Sessions hit Halifax on Saturday to get people talking and learning about weed.

How cannabis legalization caused an illegal weed boom

Legal pot was supposed to mean the end of the black market, but business is great for dealers like The Girls
Liz and Hannah are known to their customers as The Girls.

One cannabis multi-tool to rule them all

Brett Evans wants to eliminate stoner stigma with his invention, the DoobTool.
Brett Evans is the inventor of the DoobTool, a multi-tool and cannabis case, which he says is the first of its kind.

Pot designed to Enhance things

Lucy LaPlante explores Tangerine Dream, Harmonic and Sweet Jersey, strains the NSLC files under “Enhance.”
Tangerine Dream's deep purple buds glow an Emerald City green, and once its blue box package is impatiently cursed/shred open, a tangy torrent of juicy Christmas-morning clementines mists the air.

4 tips for handling the high holidays

How to deal now that cannabis joins booze, food and shopping in the arsenal of perfectly legal, potentially risky tools to fight holiday stress.
Welcome to the first big holiday season of Canada's post-Prohibition era.

Gone with the Unwind

Reviews of three legal cannabis strains that the NSLC files under “Unwind.”
I have had a lot of criticism, eye-rolling and even anxiety about legalization.

Chelsea Handler shares her passion for pot with Halifax

On the brink of legalization, the comedian and Netflix fixture is visiting for a little weed talk.
A Civilized conversation with Chelsea Handler Sunday, October 7, 8pm Rebecca Cohn Auditorium, 6101 University Ave $63-$98

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