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The Leisure Society

Does the concept of “fuck-buddies” shock you? What about binge drinking in pregnant women? Do you find it offensive when people speak of Chinese orphans as if they were some sort of life accessory? Montreal playwright Francois Archambault’s *Leisure Society* has all this and more, but don’t let this keep you away from this spot-on satire. Sure, you may feel a little uncomfortable as the play’s upwardly mobile couple--played perfectly by Samantha Wilson and Anthony Black--fight and fuck and neglect their infant son, but this play is so well written and acted that you’ll be rooting for them to find away out of their paradoxically rich and impoverished lives. Brian Heighton is a pleasure to watch as the creepy friend and Kate Lavender nails it as the promiscuous free spirit who proves to be the most moral character in the play. Kudos also to Bryan Kenney’s elegant set. The Bus Stop Theatre has never looked so good.---Kate Watson

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