The Debacle | Plutonium Playhouse | Theatre | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST

This is a past event.

The Debacle

Grief can be soul shattering, and in The Debacle, a new work by Zuppa Theatre, we meet Margaret, a woman driven to the edge of madness by impending grief. Margaret has lost her mother and father and is facing the death of her only sibling by literally bottling up childhood and adolescent memories. While I could not relate to Margaret’s particular (and I think selfish) reaction to death, it was fascinating to contemplate. Sue LeBlanc-Crawford is a marvelous actress to watch---fear, longing and loneliness pass across her face like clouds across the sun. The Plutonium Playhouse is used in a surprising and marvelous way, and the lighting design by Jess Lewis is remarkable. As an added bonus, musical magician James Tyson previews some of his work with Australia’s Ranters Theatre. Their trio of voices and amazing harmonies set my spine atingle. –Kate Watson

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