Taboo Theatre presents: A box, a bag and a bottle | The Living Room | Theatre | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST

This is a past event.

Taboo Theatre presents: A box, a bag and a bottle

It’s really a shame that talented playwright Charles Crosby has decided to give up writing plays in favour of novels. His most recent, A Box, a Bag and a Bottle, is a real gem filled with honest emotion, sharp dialogue and a twist that makes this a truly memorable piece. The tiny, slightly shabby Living Room Theatre acts as a ready-made set for the grubby apartment of the down-and-out father, played by Frank Maclean. Maclean is outstanding as the smug, abusive alcoholic and Eric Fitzpatrick is equally as good as the son who desperately seeks closure. It’s truly chilling to watch Fitzpatrick morph into his drunken, enraged father as he reenacts scarring scenes from his childhood. Directed with a deft hand by Stephanie Kincaide, this play will stay with you long after it’s over.

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