Taboo Theatre: An Evening of Grand Guignol | Fort Massey United Church | Halloween, Theatre | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST

This is a past event.

Taboo Theatre: An Evening of Grand Guignol

Just in time for Halloween, Taboo Theatre is bringing some suitably chilling and macabre works to the stage. An Evening of Grand Guignol is made up of three plays that were written in the very early 20th century when this lurid, sensational style of theatre was popular in France. The evening includes a very funny sexual farce called "Tics," or "Doing the Deed," and two blood-soaked psychological dramas, "The Final Kiss" and "The Kiss of Blood." The nine actors are uniformly great, revelling in the over-the-top melodrama of these plays. Even after having watched countless hours of violent television, the graphic gore in these shows may still turn your stomach a little, but it sure makes for a fun and different theatre experience. –Kate Watson

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