Symphony Nova Scotia with David Myles | Rebecca Cohn Auditorium | Big Ticket Shows, Live Music | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST

This is a past event.


Symphony Nova Scotia with David Myles

David Myles' excitement about his upcoming Symphony performance buzzes over the phone line, just four days before the show. "When it was first mentioned, I freaked because I was so excited," he says of when he found out the Symphony wanted to book a show with him. Myles says he's only been listening to recordings of the Symphony doing his songs through tiny earbuds, but that doesn't dull how incredible it all sounds. "The biggest thing is to hear your own songs on such a huge level. It's so incredible, and I haven't even played with them yet! It's kind of like a gift to a songwriter---why don't we take those songs and make them sound super awesome?" Myles' newest album Turn Time Off---produced by Joel Plaskett---hits stores April 20, but because of the Symphony show we'll have to wait a little longer for a CD release party. Keep your ears open for some new pieces at this show, though---Myles says the Symphony will perform a few new songs mixed in with the older ones. The rounding-out members of Myles' trio---Alan Jeffries and Kyle Cunjack---will also be performing. –Holly Gordon

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