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SMU Arts: Thinking ahead

Sylvain Gagnon broadened his horizons, became a better thinker and is more adaptable at work

Sylvain Gagnon developed kills his practical career skills at NSCC—but it was at Saint Mary's University that he developed the skills he didn't even know he'd need.

After two years at NSCC, studying geographic sciences, Sylvain knew he wanted to expose himself to more than one type of learning, so he transferred to Saint Mary's Bachelor of Arts in Geography. His credits carried over, so Sylvain was free to prepare for his future career in just two years.

"The professors at Saint Mary have introduced me to the writing side of things. They discussed various human geography and physical geography topics, and we were required to write essays and create maps," says Sylvain. Sylvain's current position at TomTom, a global positioning system (GPS) company, is directly related to his geographic information systems background. As a geographic sourcing analyst, he focuses on creating maps, and documenting technical aspects on paper for other people.

Saint Mary's made him aware of issues and conditions beyond, and prepared him for international travel and work, including a recent mapping project trip to India. "Saint Mary's made me to be a better thinker, taught me globalization, and to be aware of the inequalities of the world," he says.

The automations are always changing in his field; Sylvain's job is fast moving, but because he broadened his knowledge and horizons and developed his critical-thinking capacity at Saint Mary's, he is quick to adapt.

"Don't limit yourself to one type of learning. It's better to have both, than just one," he suggests for future students.