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Sex and Dating 2012 survey results 

Welcome to our annual Valentine’s Day look at the dating and sex habits of Haligonians, the results of our anonymous survey. All results voted by readers.

Fat Apollo, voted most do-able Haligonian. - MEGHAN TANSEY WHITTON


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My gender is…
    female 62.4%
    male 35.7%
    other 1.2%
    transgendered 0.7%

My sexual orientation is…
    straight 69.7%
    bi 11.8%
    bi-curious/tri-sexual 7.0%
    lesbian or gay 6.7%
    not sure right now 2.1%
    other 1.9%
    asexual 0.9%

My relationship status is…
    single and looking 27.5%
    married or common-law 25.1%
    serial monogamist 16.7%
    single and not looking 13.5%
    other 6.2%
    open relationship 4.3%
    separated or divorced 2.7%
    polyamorous 2.4%
    swinger (married) 0.9%
    swinger (single) 0.8%

I am having ___________ sex.
    nowhere near enough 45.1%
    almost enough 28.3%
    the perfect amount of 26.0%
    too much 0.4%
    too much anonymous 0.2%

My age is…
    25-35 43.2%
    18-24 37.2%
    36-45 12.5%
    46-over 7.1%

I first became sexually active at age…
    under 18 54.6%
    18-24 38.3%
    not yet 4.0%
    25-35 2.8%
    36-45 0.1%
    46-over 0.1%

    just right 74.1%
    too young 17.6%
    too old 8.3%

The number of partners I’ve been with is…
    1-10 55.7%
    11-30 28.9%
    31-50 8.0%
    who can remember? 3.5%
    51-100 2.6%
    101 and up 1.3%

    just right 64.9%
    too few 20.8%
    too many 14.3%

I live in…
    north end 19.9%
    out of town 17.8%
    south end 14.5%
    Dartmouth 12.4%
    Quinpool/west end 12.3%
    Clayton Park/Fairview 8.7%
    downtown/Barrington/waterfront 6.5%
    Bedford 4.2%
    Cole Harbour/Eastern Shore 3.7%

In the work world, I am a…
    fully employed citizen 27.8%
    student 26.3%
    professional type 25.6%
    part-timer 11.0%
    contract worker 4.7%
    member of the unemployed 4.6%

Politically, I roll with...
    NDP 45.8%
    Liberal 17.9%
    Green 12.1%
    Progressive Conservative 6.4%
    Occupy NS 6.1%
    the 1 percent 4.9%
    my house of worship 3.6%
    Stephen Harper Conservative 3.2%

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Internet dated?
    Yes 46.2%
    No 53.8%

    Yes 59.5%
    No 40.5%

Sent someone pictures of your junk?
    Yes 40.0%
    No 60.0%

Had a one-night stand?
    Yes 67.6%
    No 32.4%

Had sex on a first date?
    Yes 56.0%
    No 44.0%

Had sex on a plane?
    Yes 3.0%
    No 97.0%

Had sex on a boat?
    Yes 18.6%
    No 81.4%

Made a booty call?
    Yes 62.5%
    No 37.5%

Received a booty call?
    Yes 66.7%
    No 33.3%

Answered a booty call?
    Yes 61.7%
    No 38.3%

Had group sex?
    Yes 21.6%
    No 78.4%

Used a sex toy with a partner?
    Yes 65.9%
    No 34.1%

Had a breakup that involved a restraining order?
    Yes 4.6%
    No 95.4%

More than half of survey respondents have had sex with someone without knowing their full name.

Have you ever been on a blind date?
    No 66.0%
    Yes 34.0%
Where would you like to go on a first date?
One in 10 survey respondents want to do something active on a first date.

Dog park! If my dogs don't like her, I don't like her.

I like to go to a restaurant where the food is messy, then do an activity like glow in the dark mini-putt. Then you see how people react when they make a mess of themselves or look ridiculous.

What can your date do to impress you?
    Be curious about me 39.1%
    Smell good 20.3%
    Dress up 14.9%
    Flatter me 9.1%
    Pay for everything 6.8%
    Have sex with me 5.0%
    Other 4.9%

Convince me that he's genuine, that he knows what he wants and won't settle for less.

Be open and natural, make me laugh, be willing to be playful.

Eye contact.

What’s the best topic to discuss on a first date?
Dating history and religion are the least popular subjects to discuss on a first date.

What’s the most common mistake made on dates?
    Talking about exes 22.3%
    Talking about oneself too much 20.9%
    Being inconsiderate 20.5%
    Being too forward 11.4%
    Being miserly 11.3%
    Dressing poorly 9.8%
    Bringing a present 2.1%
    Other 1.8%

What’s the biggest dealbreaker for getting in a relationship?
    Intelligence or lack thereof 22.3%
    No common interests 17.8%
    Body odour 17.0%
    Bad sex 11.1%
    Bad kissing 10.5%
    Lack of education 6.8%
    Cultural divides 4.6%
    No fashion sense 4.0%
    Eating habits 3.4%
    Other 2.5%

Haters. If the only thing you can get enthusiastic about is putting someone else down, then I'm out.

Not being a Lil Wayne fan.

One in five survey respondents consider body-odour a dealbreaker, while one in five also consider smelling good a great way to impress. Bathe often!

At what point do you get exclusive with the person?
    I take that one case-by-case 79.9%
    After we have sex 9.2%
    After three dates 4.6%
    I don't get exclusive 4.4%
    After two dates 1.2%
    After one date 0.7%

How many people have you dated at one time?
    One only 46.8%
    Two 33.4%
    Three 12.4%
    I don't keep track, it's all kind of fluid 4.0%
    Four or more 3.4%

How long do you need to date someone before you know it’s not going to work out?
    Four of more, sometimes it takes a while to figure out 30.2%
    Two dates 28.8%
    One date, I can tell right away 25.6%
    Three dates 15.3%

Do you have any advice or comments to share about the dating scene?
Avoid men who still live at home.
Be forward! Don’t leave where you’re at until you talk to the person you fancy.
Be honest about what you want.
Be non-judgmental, friendly and warm. Even if s/he isn’t your pick for a second date, be nice.
Casual dating is OK. Some people take dating too seriously.
Don’t be afraid to just make out. Sex shouldn’t be implied, making out should.
Don’t date somebody just to impress your friends, just fuck them.
Don’t get too hung up.
Don’t generalize.
Don’t have unprotected sex with someone you just met. Seriously.
Don’t let past bad experiences hold you back from giving your heart to someone new.
Date! Go out and do it. Be honest at all costs.
It pays to be persistent.
Just because the tray is full of variety doesn’t mean you must try every piece.
Never compromise on your deal-breakers.
No sex before marriage ruins everything.
No matter what others say, give internet dating a try.
Persevere. Don’t be too much in a rush to jump into a relationship. No neediness.
To get best results, don’t wear pants on the first date.

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What’s the most appealing Halifax subculture?
    north end hipsters 17.4%
    comic and fantasy nerds 12.7%
    other 12.0%
    art school students 11.9%
    any student body 10.4%
    gamers 6.9%
    suits 6.8%
    eco-friendly vegans 6.4%
    surfers 6.3%
    medical students 6.1%
    jocks 3.1%

The Hal-Con crowd
All but people from Hal-Con
Straight Edge
Polysexual hippy/hipster/artist idealist
Metalheads, pincurl/pin-up chics, anyone who falls outside the gender binary.

Are Haligonians more attractive than the average Canadian?
    Halifax = average 47.1%
    we're a bit hotter 22.4%
    we're way hotter 14.9%
    we aren't as hot 12.6%
    we broke Canada's mirror 3.0%

What would make Haligonians more attractive?
    better attitude 39.4%
    better clothes 18.9%
    better bod 13.4%
    less booze 12.3%
    other (explain below) 6.8%
    more booze 5.1%
    better hair 3.1%
    plastic surgery 1.0%

Stop trying to be Toronto lite! I realize that most of the population of the city is from Ontario from September through April, but stop wearing outdated Upper Canadian trends!! Uggs = over.

Fewer people covering their natural beauty with ugly tattoos and piercings that warp their bodies.

Rich people breed with more attractive individuals. All the money leaves our gene pool. The result... an ugly province AND a culture of defeatism.

Less sweatpants in public.

It’s best to ask someone out...
    in person 70.4%
    on the phone 10.4%
    online 8.9%
    by text 8.6%
    through a friend 1.8%

The top 10 opening lines that worked for you.
10. “Did you get your pants on sale? Cause at my place they would be 100 percent off.”
9. “Did you see the last episode of Dr. Who?”
8. “Can I ask you something I shouldn’t?” 7. “Nice to meet you, I’m (provide name). I really like your (random piece of clothing or style.)
6. “I’m on a diplomatic mission... to take you on a date.” (Star Wars never fails.)
5. “Do you have any Irish in you? No? Would you like some?”
4. “You’re not Ryan, are you?”
3. “You’re hot, wanna dance?”
2. “Nice shoes!”
1. “Hi/Hello/Hey.”

Is Halifax a good city to be single in?
    Yes 61.9%
    No 38.1%

A lot of ways to meet people.
A wide variety of people, all very friendly and educated.
A lot of young people.
An endless and always renewed supply of hot, interesting, cool people washing up on our shores.
As a female, yes, because most of the other ladies are single, too. Misery loves company.
Excellent bars, ambiguous sexualities.
Halifax has so many communities and events. I have always found it easy to meet new people.
I moved from Vancouver this past fall and find people far more open and approachable here.
So many beards! I fall in love with a beard on a bike at least once a day! *Swoon*
Lots of horny hotties!

Too small.
90 percent of the population is undateable.
Everyone is a drunk piece of shit.
Everyone you meet has had one of your friends or has a “reputation.”
Everyone knows everyone, which makes it hard to be slutty. A small gay community.
Club scene is trashy, bar scene is either res losers or hipsters Difficult to get noticed when there are so many attractive people Guys are not assertive enough. Say hello already!
I tend to creep people out.

Less than a third of survey respondents have developed a crush through Facebook updates, and only one-in-10 considers the internet the best way to meet someone. We conclude internet ≠ romance generator.

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Historically, my best sex has been with...
    my longtime partner/lover 52.3%
    my fuck-buddy/friend-with-benefits 24.5%
    my ex 10.3%
    someone I met that night 7.2%
    other 4.8%
    a professional 0.9%

In the last year, have you had sex outdoors in Halifax?
    No 49.0%
    I wish 30.4%
    Yes 18.4%
    I wouldn't 2.3%

Climate Change: Last year 23.3% of respondents had sex outdoors. That’s a 4.9% drop since 2010.

Where’s the best place to have sex outdoors in Halifax?
    Point Pleasant 21
    Citadel Hill 12
    Public Gardens 3

Other places:
Anywhere that isn’t Dartmouth
A certain patio near Dalhousie
Crystal Crescent
Exhibition Park (the rush of getting caught is amazing!)
In my recent ex’s backyard
In the parking lot behind the church at the bottom of Spring Garden
Under the MacDonald Bridge (beautiful view!)
Titanic graveyard can be kinda kinky
Top of the dingle

    of respondents have had an HIV/AIDS test
    of respondents never carry a condom
    of respondents sometimes use a condom

In the past year have you used pornography with a partner?
    No 53.4%
    Yes 36.1%
    I wish 9.4%
    I wouldn't 1.2%

Do you have any sites you recommend?,,,,,,,,,,,,

In the past year, have you engaged in bondage?
    No 58.5%
    Yes 23.8%
    I wish 14.0%
    I wouldn't 3.8%

What’s the next kinky thing you want to try?


Group sex
Double penetration
Being dominated
Corsets and whips
Cutting/blood play
Dildo in my ass
Food sex
Having a domestic slave
Hot wax
More toys
Recording the audio
Sex tape

How satisfying is your current sex life?
    Pretty hot, but there's room for improvement 30.2%
    I'm not having sex at the moment 21.9%
    Needs some spice 15.4%
    About average 13.3%
    The best ever 13.0%
    Totally unsatisfying 6.2%

How many time do you masturbate in a typical week?
Survey respondents are most likely to masturbate three times a week. (Only 1.2% of respondents do not masturbate.)

Who is the most do-able Haligonian?
Fat Apollo
Ellen Page
tied for third: Joel Plaskett, Megan Leslie, Sidney Crosby and Rich Aucoin

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