Sex and Dating 2012 Survey: submitted stories

Your thoughts, stories and opinions.

Share the story of your best date:
On the second date, the guy I was seeing drove up to Truro around Christmas to give me a little yellow ukelele because he remembered me saying I wanted to learn how to play. We're still together, but my uke skills? Not the best.

Best date so far was grocery shopping at the Spryfield Sobeys, the night before Christmas Eve. Seemingly mundane, ordinary excursions can reveal a lot about mutual compatibilities, and if you're both huge fans of perogies and kelbassa, all the better!

Best date was a smoothie from Pete's. Short walk on the waterfront. Back to his house for amazing sex!

Drinks at the Lower Deck that turned into drinks at Peddlers, turned into dancing and laughing and drunkeness and a night to remember. Didn't work out, but was still the best date I ever had.

He came over to my place. I was ready to dump him, but instead we had so much fun, drinking and playing card games. He lost, pretended he was mad, knocked his chair over and put his hand down my top. He made me laugh a lot that night.

He took me on a moped in rural Italy on a summer night. We had supper in a dark little restaurant, then drove into Rome for drinks. Then he dropped me off, just two doors away from his place. Five minutes later I showed up at his door in just a towel.

Hiking and great outdoor sex in Susie's Lake, followed by a DQ lunch and mini golf.

I cooked for him, we drank some wine, watched a film, then he fucked me like here was no tomorrow.

I had a crush on a woman for years, I didn't know that she knew I existed. Met up with her in a bar one evening, sang to her and from that point on she stuck to me like glue. I should have married her.

I once dated a guy who on our first date brought me over to his apartment for dinner. When I arrived he had Kenny G playing in the background which I thought was hilarious. I later found out that his friends planned everything. I should have dated them.

She jumped in my apartment window and we fooled around.

We went at looked at the condoms and tampons floating around at the waterfront. I think acknowledging these things made us fuck much earlier than we would have otherwise.

Share the story of your worst date:

A guy I met online took me to a wake for the mother of his best friend, who I coincidentally also knew from online dating. The one with the mom in the casket pulled me aside and complained that I showed up at the wake with his buddy instead of him.

Dude showed up wearing all yellow and asked if I was "direspectin". For fuck sakes.

First time meeting, this guy brings his aunt and uncle along for the date. They got high in the car in a parking lot as I sat there waiting for them to finish.

Five seconds after he ejaculates, he tells me he has a fiancee.

He texted during a movie, and didn't turn off his phone. He even had the nerve to take a call in the middle of the theatre.

He told me he had to go wash his hands before he ate so he wouldn't get diarrhea.

He was a libertarian and he came in his pants.

I met this guy at Cora's for lunch. He spent the whole time talking about how great he was and how he refused to work for less than 80k/year regardless of a company's values. Then he talked about how he wanted to buy a Hummer because of how safe they are.

I sobered up in Tucson, Arizona and discovered I was dating a real bitch.

Incredibly gorgeous Russian started going on about how she hated immigrants (read non-whites), then let everyone around her know that she digs gay porn because there are more cocks. Needless to say it was a spring wedding.

It was an internet date, after a month or so of witty emails and phone calls that seemed promising. The fellow was at least 20 years older and 200 pounds larger than his photos suggested, and he didn't appear to bathe very often, if at all.

The girl showed up 25 mins late, talked about her self the entire time, everything I said she had to one up me, Then my mom shows up in the same coffee shop. Major date FAIL.

We went for drinks. He didn't have a place in mind, so we wandered in to the Bitter End, he ordered a beer and I was shy and didn't want to seem pretentious so ordered one as well, a Heineken. He says, "Thats a MANLY beer!"

We went to a show at a bar and had bad sex afterwards.

Share a story about your fetish:
A friend-with-benefits indulged my foot fetish by forcing me to worship him before I could suck him off.

Apparently not everyone is into the same things as me.

Attempted fisting while both drunk with two other people in the room that were (not) sleeping. My bad.

Being in my Lazy-E-Boy watching Hockey Night in Canada as she rides my cock.

Finally found a woman who orgasms from anal rimming. Planning on marriage.

Got a stranger to pee on me once.

Hmm. Being overpowered. Shh.

I like big butts and I cannot lie.

I like the power of taking a woman roughly from behind, usually with one hand around her neck or grabbing a handful of hair. Until my current girlfriend I've never been able to release the beast. She's completely amazing and loves taking it the way I give it.

I love to Cosplay, so one time I had sex while wearing a wig and a few other costume pieces after coming home from a party. It was hot as fuck.

I really have a thing for eyebrows. I get nervous around guys with nice eyebrows and have a hard time looking into their eyes, instead staring at their lovely brows.

I'm into tentacles, but usually don't tell people that. I think maybe four or five people know.

My current boyfriend and I taped ourselves having sex early in our relationship. He put it on a DVD for me. I have no idea where it is. That kind of excites me.

My ex had a smoking fetish. It made me feel powerful and so sexy. I think it rubbed off on me now because I think girls smoking is super hot and I still get a thrill to know that we shared that.

Nothing sexier than a rape fantasy with whips, ropes, chains, hot wax, gag ball and a belt around your neck (with someone you trust).

Those last 2 questions depressed me. My fetish involves my recent ex begging to come back - part of his begging involves crying, insisting on taking my clothes off and doing everything demeaning that pleases me. Yay!

In a comment in last year's survey, someone said dating in Halifax is backward. Relationships usually go sex first, dating after. Discuss:

Absolutely! You need to test drive it first before you know if it'll work for you.

Casual sex is practically a staple of the Halifax lifestyle but sometimes that leads two people together who may have never met otherwise. Also, there's less of a stigma associated with casual sex now so it's more acceptable to act on these impulses.

Dating is too risky these days with the amount of STDS out there.

First I come. Then love does.

Halifax is full of young people who love getting drunk. This often leads to drunk sex with a stranger. Sometimes this stranger becomes more.

How am I going to know if I want a relationship until I examine your genitals up close and personal like?

I didn't realize I had been doing it wrong this whole time. That explains a lot.

I don't think thats exclusive to Halifax, I think its common for most university students. Unfortunately a lot of one night stands don't always lead to relationships.

I think we live in a society being constantly bombarded by sex. We see it everyday making it seem so common, less important and to the extent it lacks all "special" importance it once had. People don't hold their virginity anymore as sacred.

Is that unique to Halifax? I'd say it's just more common with people in the 18-34 age bracket that reads The Coast the most.

It's the truth! Most relationships seem to materialize after a good sexual connection. I see nothing wrong with that, know what you're getting into first, sex is a hugely important part of any relationship.

Not how I roll. I won't sleep with someone until I get some sort of commitment or confirmation that they're not also sleeping with every other girl in town.

The one time I tried holding out on the sex and going on several dates first, we had a great few dates and finally hopped in the sack. The sex was terrible. Then I had to figure out a way to break it off gently without implying that the sex was bad.

What do you want to do sexually before you die?
Anal, Exhibitionist, have sex in a bunch of places/countries/monuments/etc, on a plane, on a boat, on a trampoline, on a water bed... etc.

Be watched in a group scenario, and go to a sex party.

Friend orgy, scat play, cuckolding, star in porn, public sex, fulfill more fantasies of my lovers.

Fuck Hugh Hefner and make him peanut butter truffle crepes for breakfast in bed.

Get Ellen Degeneres, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga and Dev in a fucking five-way.

Go to a brothel, watch a beautiful girl ravage my partner.

Group sex and everyone is invited.

Have a three-way with Jay-Z and Pregnant Beyonce while my husband video tapes it so we can have sex to it later.

Have sex with my husband when I'm 50 and love it just as much then as I did when we first met.

I have a huge bucket list, but successfully maintaining a polyamourous relationship for a bit is one of the top.

I wanna have sex with a devout Christian before they are married.

Kate Beaton, but don't tell her because she'd totally freak out.

Meet a person who is comfortable and accepting of my low libido.

Share a hooker with my wife.

Sleep with more people of my own gender. also, get knocked around like the submissive I am.

Spray my partner with a civil rights protest-style firehose. Like spray her right down the fucking street with it.

The last thing I want is to be 80 and have regrets. You never regret the things you did...only that which you didn't. Except herpes...I would regret that! LOL

Have sex with two of my exes at the same time.

Last but not least, please share comments and/or questions and/or suggestions about sex and/or dating and/or Halifax and/or this survey:
Be yourself. If people don't like that.. FUCK 'EM! No, seriously, be who you are. Someone will love it sooner or later.

For number of partners there should be answer: 1, 2-5, 6-10

Halifax needs to keep their dicks in their pants a little bit and focus on people more than penises. Or pussies, respectively.

Have an option for a semi-monogamous open relationship, ie. we play with others but only together.

I like the swinging scene in Halifax. When I was single I went to a lot of swinging parties and met some great people and learned a lot about myself.

I think that, as a responsible publication, the Coast should be printing straight up statistics on the same pages as the answers to this survey. Things such as STD/STI rates, and other sobering facts that are part of the dating scene in Halifax. DO IT.

I would include queer in the possible sexualities, as well as genderqueer in gender identities.

I would like to know where more gloryholes are. Not so I can use one, or judge people using them. Just to be aware. If the Coast put out a map of halifax's best gloryholes, would that make the gloryholes better or worse?

I've had some wicked nights/mornings in Halifax. I was promiscuous, and I loved every minute of it. But those days are over, and I'm happy they are. I'm dating my forever-man now and I'm looking forward to the future! Great survey!

If you want a well rounded survery have additional sections with additional questions and comments for different preferences, ie. straight, gay, transgendered, monogamous, poly, fetish, kinky, etc. We have a whole world of difference in our fair city.

More storytimes! I like those. Last year y'all published three of my answers, two of them about sexytimes. I felt like a celebrity!

No celebrities next time please, I live in the real world

No questions about anal sex?

Sneak in some fitness/flexibility questions next time.

The second page needs to be omitted. Last years survey was much better and inclusive. We couldnt answer the condom questions on this year's since we are lesbians. A more interesting question would be, "Have you had any STD's before in your life?"

Would be interesting to find out how Haligonians would start a conversation with someone they didn't know and found attractive when NOT drunk in a bar.

You ask us to share stories but that's hard to do in just a few words. Add questions about the connections between sexuality and intimacy. Most of us are really looking for both, not just sex.

We all need to have sex more often.

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