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Re: “What should be done with the old Spring Garden Road Library?

I'm pretty sure that I was going to buy it, fix it up, and live in it.

That way every morning I could go out in my bathrobe, get the paper, and yell at people to get off my lawn!

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Posted by sbenteau on 07/06/2016 at 4:33 PM

Re: “Stillwell Beergarden set for Spring Garden Road

I saw them doing some work on that lot this morning... I was relieved to see that something was finally happening there... looking forward to it!

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Posted by sbenteau on 05/05/2016 at 12:48 PM

Re: “The Champs-Élysées of Halifax?

the only city? in the world?

Halifax is nothing compared to other cities in terms of business & finance existing cheek by jowl with poverty.

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Posted by sbenteau on 04/26/2016 at 9:25 AM

Re: “Sexism and sushi don't flow


Posted by sbenteau on 04/23/2016 at 9:17 AM

Re: “Dear God, just bring her home safe

Just because information isn't released to to public doesn't mean it's not looked into. Knowing if she took a Bob's taxi or a Yellow Taxi isn't going to help a citizen solve the mystery. This isn't an episode of CSI where you are privy to the process. This is an ongoing investigation and police have reasons why some information is released while others are not - and it would depend largely on whether they feel it may result in new leads.

And the whole "did they do this? Did they do that? Did they check the phone records?" is counterproductive and no help to the family. Of course they checked the cab company and the phone records - that's crime investigation 101.

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Posted by sbenteau on 09/04/2014 at 10:56 PM

Re: “Watch Halifax sprawl over nearly 30 years

@ Kein Richard Tucker- I noticed that part of the peninsula turning from nice green to brown and quickly realized that the sudden change was the result of Hurricane Juan in 2003. you can see that the green is coming back up, this isn't a developed area.

I'd say that compared to many cities our urban sprawl is limited-thankfully. I'd say that's, in part, due to our limited geographical space to sprawl in to. Halifax just isn't built that way- too many lakes, peninsulas and harbours to really lay waste to a huge area.

However, I do hope Halifax learns from other cities mistakes and instead go the route of thought-out infrastructure, population dense living, with more pedestrian friendly ways of life.

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Posted by sbenteau on 05/13/2013 at 8:10 PM

Re: “You need that more than I do

I didn't say I was any different or better than those people working for minimum wage who don't get tips. And since you used gas attendents as an example I'll use that one to elaborate the flaw in your point. Gone are the days of "full serve" and now for the most part people working in gas stations don't have to run after their customers continually satisfying their needs 10 times with each encounter. When do they ever have to clean up after a family who let their children terrorize the place and make huge messes everywhere. For the most part they get to stay behind a counter and ring people in when they come to them. That to me would be a luxury, tips or not. If I spend 15 minutes making lattes and hot chocolates and preparing food for people is it too much to ask that a dollar get chucked into the tip bowl (later to be split bt 3-4 people)? And as for fast food, although many places don't tip there is nothing saying you can't. And while I work at what would be considered a more expensive coffee shop I know for a fact that people working at Tim Horton's make 8 times what I do in tips and they're what.... Fast food.

In situations where giving tips are the norm, wages are artificially low compared to the work done, in an attempt to ensure that in the end the amount of work done/service received properly reflects the money earned.

And in many other minimum wage jobs- clothing stores, furniture stores, electronic stores work on commission as well. So the cost of that washer and dryer or that new Mac is artificially inflated so that the salesperson gets a little cut too. So basically, you're tipping them too.

So many of us seem to work just to keep the lives people like those complaining running smoothly. Where would you be without your coffee, your gas, your new Maytag duo or the latest gadget. A little recognition for making your lives smoother and a little more pleasant is not much to ask for. If you don't like tipping, stay home and cook, brew your own coffee, wash your clothes on a rock. Stay home and leave this sector of commerce to those of us who actually appreciate what others do for us and give a damn about not coming off like major a-holes in the process.

And holy circular argument, batman. You don't tip because people bitch? I'm pretty sure someone, somewhere would have had to not tip first in order for someone to complain about not being tipped. And as for the ever-so-elitist comment about us not bothering to get "careers" you've got to be joking me. Many servers are young, putting themselves through school working these jobs. This isn't the end of our working lives, it's the beginning. I have a university education and I continue to work where I do because it's stable while I continue to look for a job that better reflects my educational background. But in the meantime I think the service I provided warrants a small tip.

Yeah, given that I don't troll around these websites looking for arguments to pick I'm not entirely up on the lingo, so I have no idea what SDJKHFASASD means. But I'm sure it was douchy.

Posted by sbenteau on 03/16/2011 at 10:39 AM

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