Can people be bad at sex?

Can people be bad at sex?

Where objectivity meets subjectivity, plus lots more quickie questions.
QI don't want to become one of those people who write to you complaining about how I married someone I wasn't sexually compatible with 10 years ago and now my sex life still sucks.

Power players

Getting turned on by Nazis, and worried about the kinksters next door.
QHere's a non-COVID question for you: I’m a queer white female in a monogamish marriage.

Is it a problem if my horrible boyfriend leaves?

Plus: Do I have to tell him he’s got herpes?
QIt's taken a lot to do this, but here goes.

One marriage, two sex drives

What to do when half of a couple wants something the other half isn’t into.
QI’ve been with the same amazing man a dozen years.

How much libido is too much libido?

"A lot of people will say they wish they had this problem, but it’s interfering with my daily activities because I can’t focus on anything else."
QI'm a 31-year-old female.

Stop with the secrets already

Except for one that’s important to your wife’s self esteem.
Q I was raised in a religious home and didn’t lose my virginity until the embarrassing age of 26.

The trouble with swallowing and more quickie answers to sex questions

Does this column have cheating? Check. Feeling constrained by monogamy? Check. Absolutely no mention of world health problems? Checkity check.
QI am a super-queer-presenting female who recently accepted that I have desires for men. My partner of two years is bisexual and understands the desires, but has personally dealt with those desires via masturbation while my desires include acting. Her perspective is that the grass is greener where you water it and that my desire to act is immature, selfish and has an unrealistic end game. What gives when you don't feel fulfilled sexually in a monogamous relationship? —Open Or Over?

The no-pandemic challenge

By popular demand, this week’s "Savage Love" is (almost) COVID-19-free.
QYour last two columns and your last two podcasts were all about the

Open and shut: pandemic polygamy

You can think about it and talk about it, but this isn't the time to go ahead and open up your marriage.
QMy husband and I got married in August of 2019 and we were together for over five years before getting married.

How to maintain intimacy during a time of isolation

Holing up, supporting sex workers and being less awkward on videochat.
QMy question is on managing “gray area” intimacies during the pandemic. I have a lover/friend that I’ve been hanging out with—fucking, drinking tea, going on hikes, eating ice cream, watching movies and other activities—for about nine months.

Quickies in the time of COVID-19

Sex advice that happens to be from a coronavirus hotspot.
Q I'm wondering if you know of a word that describes the fetish of getting off from talking dirty.

Brownie points

What to do when you’re stuck in a shitty situation Plus: Smoking kills (relationships).
Q I'm a cis bi woman, and I mainly have sex with people with penises.

Sleep apnea and oral sex, a full-throated investigation

Navigating kinks with your doctor, your significant other and yourself
Q I'm a middle-aged gay man and I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea.

Spit and polish

How to overcome your turn-offs. Plus: Getting over your ex, one sexual experience at a time.
Q I'm a 31-year-old cis bisexual woman.

Prone to failure

Delayed ejaculation is a thing; here’s how to overcum it **Plus:** Throw that FWB in the TRASH.
Q I'm 20, straight, male, fit and active.

A peg above the rest

Exploring female-led relationships Plus: The wonders of knife-less breast enhancement.
Q My boyfriend and I were having relationship issues until we tried something new: pegging.

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