Quick and dirty Qs and As

Quick and dirty Qs and As

Dan Savage’s reply all, from the mundane to the not-so-mundane.
Q My ex-girlfriend, who I dated for nine months, called me two months after we broke up and accused me of giving her HPV.

PO’d about P-in-V

Asking for more from an anxious partner can be difficult, Dan Savage has tips.
QI'm a heterosexual cis woman in a monogamous marriage.

Hot for student

The risks of professor-student hook-ups Plus: How to juggle IRL and online relationships.
Q I'm a 40-something gay male professor at a small college.

Sissy that talk

How can I stop my heterosuckual boyfriend from being jealous when I get more attention at kink parties?
Q My boyfriend and I met online to explore our kinks.

The man show

How to get my peer group to reject the rapey guy. Plus: My condition for letting a married friend have sex with me.
Q I am male.

Quickie thinking

From "don’t touch me" vibes to sex work as a second job, the Qs and As are coming fast.
Q My little dick has always held me back.

Cheaters’ club

How a couple of scandalous sluts can make a relationship work. Plus: The best way to tell the husband it’s over.
Q I am a guy in my 40s and a classic sexual scoundrel.

Why we set impossibly high standards

Sometimes it’s not them, it really is you. Plus: Dealing with your relative’s porn collection.
QI'm a Seattle local who basically grew up reading your column.

Three-city swing

An over-abundance of sexy quickies and relationship advice, for questions brought back from a Savage Love Live tour.
We brought Savage Love Live to the Music Box Theatre in Chicago, the Barrymore Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin and the Pantages Theatre in Minneapolis over three nights.

Bad guys

A blow-and-go arrangement only works if it gets you off. Plus: Why saying the word “vagina” is important.
QI met a guy right around the time my boyfriend dumped me. I met him on a dating site, but he was really only interested in my boobs and me giving him head.

Mom and I know about dad’s cross-dressing kink

But when it comes to sex and secrets, do we have to tell him?
Q I'm a 35-year-old bisexual man in a LTR with a man. My question, however, has to do with my parents.

Parenting the pubescent bondage kinkster

How to do right by a 12-year-old son who’s really into handcuffs.
Q My son has always liked handcuffs and tying people up as a form of play.

Fists of pleasure, fists of roommate irritation

Opening wide about which fisting concerns are valid, and how strap-ons compare to dildos.
Q My roommate is a gay man who is into getting fisted.

What’s the deal with physical ideals?

How far to go with a boyfriend who’s really into the "suicide girl" look.
QI don’t listen to your podcast religiously, but as soon as I told my best friend this story, she said, “That’s a question for Dan Savage!” Backstory: I have a monogamous partner who I live with.

Come the Women’s Pleasure Revolution

What it’s going to take for a woman to stop getting used by the men she sleeps with, and start getting off.
QI’m a straight woman and have been sexually active for about six years.

From bukkake to sexsomnia, simple answers to sex questions

Including unicorns, "jizz" versus "come" and loads of other quickies.
Q I took Molly with my best bud. We wound up cuddling and telling each other everything.

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Savage Love

No need for sex


No need for sex

posted by DAN SAVAGE, May 28/15

I haven’t had sex in nine years and I don’t care. Am I asexual? Plus: Does my boyfriend’s love of thongs mean he’s gay? comments      0

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