How to maintain intimacy during a time of isolation

How to maintain intimacy during a time of isolation

Holing up, supporting sex workers and being less awkward on videochat.
QMy question is on managing “gray area” intimacies during the pandemic. I have a lover/friend that I’ve been hanging out with—fucking, drinking tea, going on hikes, eating ice cream, watching movies and other activities—for about nine months.

Quickies in the time of COVID-19

Sex advice that happens to be from a coronavirus hotspot.
Q I'm wondering if you know of a word that describes the fetish of getting off from talking dirty.

Brownie points

What to do when you’re stuck in a shitty situation Plus: Smoking kills (relationships).
Q I'm a cis bi woman, and I mainly have sex with people with penises.

Sleep apnea and oral sex, a full-throated investigation

Navigating kinks with your doctor, your significant other and yourself
Q I'm a middle-aged gay man and I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea.

Spit and polish

How to overcome your turn-offs. Plus: Getting over your ex, one sexual experience at a time.
Q I'm a 31-year-old cis bisexual woman.

Prone to failure

Delayed ejaculation is a thing; here’s how to overcum it **Plus:** Throw that FWB in the TRASH.
Q I'm 20, straight, male, fit and active.

A peg above the rest

Exploring female-led relationships Plus: The wonders of knife-less breast enhancement.
Q My boyfriend and I were having relationship issues until we tried something new: pegging.

Cam what may

Sex work has changed since the days of peep shows.
Q I started reading your column when I was a 20-year-old kid.

Giving—and taking back—the threesome rain cheque

Checking into the most polite, ego-sparing way to ease someone out of your pants/bed/playroom/whatever.
Q I'm a 33-year-old woman in a relationship with a 43-year-old man. My boyfriend's fantasy is to have a threesome with another man. He enjoys watching me have sex with other men, then intermittently fucking me. But he mostly likes to watch me get fucked.

The long game

People change. Plus: Why gaslighting your partner is a bad move.
Q I'm a 30-year-old bi male.

Sexual healing in the sub space

How a Dom/sub relationship may help ward off self-harm habits.
Q I'm a 26-year-old bisexual woman with a history of self-harm.

Short (and sweet) Qs and As

From anal porn, nudes, lube and everything in between, Dan Savage has answers.
Q I have a question about porn, and I can't think who else I can ask that will give me an intelligent, educated answer.

Open communication

How NOT to circumnavigate your open-ended relationship.
Q I'm a mid-20s cis straight man. After my girlfriend and I finished college, she moved overseas to start her job.

Bloody business

Why you shouldn’t (always) freak out about blood in your cum. Plus: Always read the fine print.
Q I am a 60-year-old heterosexual man, and I'm told that I'm normal.

Taming the kink monsters

When your partner’s kinks are hard to understand and harder to get on board with.
Q My husband and I (straight male/bi female couple) have been married 15 years. When we met, he was inexperienced and crippled by shame from having grown up in a sex-negative atmosphere.

Quick and dirty Qs and As

Dan Savage’s reply all, from the mundane to the not-so-mundane.
Q My ex-girlfriend, who I dated for nine months, called me two months after we broke up and accused me of giving her HPV.

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