From bukkake to sexsomnia, simple answers to sex questions

From bukkake to sexsomnia, simple answers to sex questions

Including unicorns, "jizz" versus "come" and loads of other quickies.
Q I took Molly with my best bud. We wound up cuddling and telling each other everything.

What happened to the rest of my dick?

An investigation of shrinkage and other penis problems.
Q I’m an otherwise healthy male of 54.

Do I forgive him or do I forget him?

My new boyfriend seems pretty great, except for that one horrible thing he did that was totally crossing boundaries.
Q I’m a 42-year-old single, straight female who recently started dating a 36-year-old man in a somewhat exclusive, long-distance relationship.

Boredom is her enemy

Hard truths—backed by science!—about what typical sex advisors get totally wrong about female sexuality.
Q I'm a woman who married young (21) and I've been with my husband for seven years.

Fingering it out

My wife isn’t into my prostate play idea but also, are there health issues? Plus: Can I dump a hookup going through a bad time?
QI'm a 36-year-old straight guy, happily married for more than 10 years and a longtime reader.

Cuckold tales

Why do I get off on hearing my wife’s past sex stories? Plus: My partner stopped indulging my fantasies after the kids.
QI am a bi married man—35 years old and living in a big Midwestern city.

Loads of sex questions answered in quick hits

A series of rapid-fire advice on exes, pedophilia, erectile dysfunction, non-consensual porn and prostate stimulation.
Q My fiance and I have been in a relationship for 11 years.

Sex with a prejudicial interest

How to deal with your new partner's low-key racism, and what to do when white people are ogling you in your apartment.
QI'm a man from a very liberal background.

Quietly kinky

I am a gay man into bondage but I’m also an introvert. How to convince other kinksters I’m part of their group?
QI'm a single gay guy in my late 30s.

Love and marriage

What’s the secret to susataining a relationship once the exciting part is past? What if it’s 21 years past?
Q Two years into our 23-year marriage, my wife declared that she didn't want to kiss me or perform oral on me. Several years ago, she had an affair and confessed that she not only kissed this other person but performed oral on them as well.

Sex and the curious shopper

Advice on shopping around for male sex workers, used sneakers for a shoe perv and gay gear for straight people.
Q I'm a straight cis woman in my early 40s and a single mother.

Kink conundrums

How do I find a woman to indulge my diaper play? Plus: My mom has too many opinions about my Dom boyfriend.
QI'm a 27-year-old, male, adult baby/diaper lover (AB/DL).


Dan hit Seattle and Denver for some live events and the response was overhwhelming. Here are some answers he couldn’t get to.
Savage Love Live swooped into Seattle's Egyptian Theater and Denver's Oriental Theater over the last two weekends.

With empathy, or not

In a rare non-sex question, Dan—with help—tackles a woman’s co-dependent relationship with her best friend.
Q I keep running into the same issue with my best friend of five years.

Decent disclosure

A lesson on herpes: The statistics, the social stigma and the responsbility of telling sexual partners.
Q Garbage human here.

Best wishes

When thinking with one’s genitals, one can be led astray from common sense, logic or what’s actually happpening.
QI'm a 43-year-old straight woman, and I spent the majority of my 30s celibate.

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Savage Love

No need for sex


No need for sex

posted by DAN SAVAGE, May 28/15

I haven’t had sex in nine years and I don’t care. Am I asexual? Plus: Does my boyfriend’s love of thongs mean he’s gay? comments      0

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