Dick monsters

Dick monsters

You don’t have to be kind to aggressive randos just because they brought booze. Plus: Reaching the limit with intolerant parents.
Q I'm a queer girl living with a male partner.

Character conundrums

Why can’t I accept my girlfriend’s revelation? Is my poly partner really happy with only me? Why am I awful to my husband?
Q I am a 35-year-old straight guy.

Girls and women and sex

Requesting required reading for my lesbian daughter. Plus: Is demisexuality real? (Spoiler: it is.)
Q My teenage daughter just came out to us as gay.

Foot-worship etiquette

Should I tell my roommates about my foot fetishist slave? And how? Plus: What should I do about my kinky kid?
Q I'm a lady considering taking on a foot fetishist as a slave.

Pining for the past

Less sex, more love this week, as lonely and broken hearts look for advice on how to get over someone (if they should).
Q My brother just broke up with his girlfriend for the second time in eight months.

Father figuring

How do I forgive my dad for blowing my family apart with a sex-worker scandal? Plus: There is no reason on earth to fuck a nazi.
Q A few years ago, my dad was busted by the cops for using an online forum to solicit escorts.

Quick hits

Get through summer’s waning days with a wide-ranging column touching on porn, dating sites and dick size.
Q I've been wondering: Since there are lesbians out there who occasionally crave cock, does the reverse also happen?

Commit to something

Perhaps your polyamourous BDSM relationship is not the right fit for you. Plus: Amending the Campsite Rule.
Q My boyfriend of eight months, K, and I are polyamourous.

Somebody else’s clothes

This week Dan advises men who like to dress up as women, and what to do about their wives, fathers and randos.
Q My wife has been seriously ill for three years, and I have been her sole caregiver.

Papas, don’t creep

Dan takes on a couple dads (and one stepdad) who are much too invested in their daughters’ sex lives.
Q I'm a reader in Kansas with two teenage daughters, 16 and 18.

How to come again

I married the best man I’ve ever dated, and now I can’t come? Plus: How can I help my teen friend deal with her skeezy co-star?
Q I'm a 35-year-old straight woman, recently married, and everything is great.

Clinical fantasies

What’s a medical student—with a medical fetish—to do? Plus: A bit of blowjob advice and sexting honestly.
Q I'm a gay medical student with a medical fetish, and I can't even open up to my therapist about this.

Is happiness possible...

...when way deep down you want different things sexually? Plus: I think my boyfriend is more into my cat than he is me.
Q I'm a 29-year-old straight woman facing a dilemma.

Quick hits

Dan visits Chicago for a typically wide-ranging conversation, including these audience questions he didn’t have time to get to.
I had a great time at the live taping of the Savage Lovecast at Chicago's Music Box Theatre.

The reluctant energizer

The guy I’m into waited to tell me he’s poly—is he using me as new relationship energy for his own? Plus: The reluctant cuckold.
Q I am a 34-year-old straight woman.

Virgin territory

A whole host of difficulties has left me alone most of my life. How do I find someone now? Plus: My boyfriend does this one thing...
Q I'm almost 30 and I'm a virgin.

Make love not porn

A new site aims to open the porn loop to expand it beyond what straight, white men want. Plus: Pulling the trigger on leaving.
Q I hate how my boyfriend has sex with me. He is 40 years old.

Looking for Mr. Not-Right-Now

How do I use Grindr do make friends first, -with-benefits later? Plus: I’m a Slytherin and come off as intense.
Q I'm a middle-aged homo trying to figure out Grindr.

An airless agreement

Is there a legal document I can draw up with my partners who are into breath play in case of an accident? Plus: An apology.
Q I have two female sex partners who want to be breath-play dominated.

Child-bearing excuses

It’s possible having a baby isn’t the problem with your wife’s orgasms. Plus: Should I tell my girlfriend I’m bisexual?
Q I'm a happily married man. My wife, who is 33, cannot orgasm through intercourse since we had our last child.

Casually scared

I’m worried I wouldn’t be able to keep a casual relationship very chill. Plus: How do I get past my teenage trauma with oral sex?
Q My husband is nearly 20 years older than me, which was never an issue early in our relationship.

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Savage Love

No need for sex


No need for sex

posted by DAN SAVAGE, May 28/15

I haven’t had sex in nine years and I don’t care. Am I asexual? Plus: Does my boyfriend’s love of thongs mean he’s gay? comments      0

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