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Re: “Solidarity Halifax is exposing Canada 150

Such nonsense. Native and 'colonists' can't move forward with this endless look to past. Yes, some bad white folks did some bad things 500, 300, 150, 50 years ago. But history is replete with this type of activity. I can't go back to reclaim my ancestral Scottish castles taken by the English; I can't go back to reclaim lost lands from my tribal lands in Africa 150,000 years ago either. Folks, we need to move forward and this crap doesn't help.

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Posted by Sangay the Middle Way on 06/28/2017 at 7:51 AM

Re: “Mind your business: 2016's openings and closings

missed a few in there I think. Not a complete list, poorly broken down too. Would have thought The Coast would have done a better job with this article being a 'local' biz supporter.

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Posted by Sangay the Middle Way on 12/28/2016 at 9:35 AM

Re: “Why I stayed in Nova Scotia

Having been convinced based on several extended visits that Hali was a great place, I would now have to say after 2 years here that I was sold a pile of crud.

Yes, NS is beautiful. Yes, NS is charming. YES, NS is slightly cheaper for hydro, but not so for car gas, and definitely not for food in grocery stores. YES, the farmers markets are great. YES, places like Hubbards, Chester, Mahone Bay, Wolveville, Pictu area and a few small towns are nice, cheaper to live in locales, but good luck finding work.

Everything here is HRM centric. That's sad. HRM has horrible roads, terrible transit, expensive housing, poor service supports, questionable police abilities, lots of violence for it's size. But all NS Gov focuses on is HRM. All Savage focuses on is no tax increases. Meanwhile Rome crumbles i.e. roads, bridges, hospitals, jobs....all disappearing.

YES, NS is where I hope to stay. HRM..pffft, no way. Not without drastic improvements which in all honesty are 10 to 15 years away from even getting advanced as ideas from what I can see.

Yep, for me, NS rocks for lot's of reasons. Sorry folks. Not staying in HRM. But I will fight to keep NS growing so small town NS get's its fair share of the pie.

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Posted by Sangay the Middle Way on 12/21/2016 at 12:03 AM

Re: “27 developments that are changing Halifax's cityscape

I would have to disagree that affordability isn't an issue. I have a staff of over 65 and not one of them can afford to buy these condo's currently built and I'm sure the one's coming won't be any cheaper. And we pay above min wage and do our best to support them.

Our single biggest problem continues to be the out migration of educated youth-regardless of statistics. And the ones that do stay are not making the money needed to get bank financing, short of doing 95% CMHC deals and living in hawk for 10 to 15 years just paying mortgage, taxes, condo fee's and utilities. There is a reason why so many folks are living out in the edges of HFX-cost of living. The core is simple too expensive unless you have 5, 8, 10 students sharing an apartment, each with a room, still paying $600/month for essentially a jail cell sized space.

I agree- I think we're building too many too fast. But I don't believe we have the population nor a population with income, that can support these soon to be over priced condo units. I guarantee you this-a large number of them will house foreign students, 4 to 8 in each unit paying $600 or more each per month to make it affordable.

Maytag McNeil is doing his utmost to make sure youth don't stay here in even greater numbers. Our province is doing nothing to help students with cost of education and even less to entice them to stay once they graduate. I believe that in the not so distant future, NS, and HFX will be made up of 75,000 civil servants, 15,000 military folks and 800,000 retiree's because no one else will be able to afford to live here. And that makes me sad. It's a great province to live in- it just lacks opportunity to grow.

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Posted by Sangay the Middle Way on 07/06/2016 at 7:31 PM

Re: “27 developments that are changing Halifax's cityscape

Great that we're in-filling brown spaces in the old HFX and the designs are nice. One question I continue to have though....who is going to be able to afford to buy them? Since the majority of youth in this city are on min wage jobs and those with education tend to vamoose once they graduate and our only new citizens are immigrants or retiree's, who is the market to fill all these nice places? Are we possible creating an urban social divide where those who were born here or cannot afford higher education end up living out in Spryfield, Preston..essentially on the edges of the city while the few with money end up living in the nice parts of town? Do we have a plan for affordable housing in these designs? Just wondering. But I do like the designs and the fact we are in-filling.

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Posted by Sangay the Middle Way on 07/06/2016 at 6:35 PM

Re: “Halifax Cycling Coalition wants protected bike lane on South Park

No problem. Now, pony up the dough bikers.

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Posted by Sangay the Middle Way on 04/17/2016 at 9:22 AM

Re: “Quiet on the set a year after Stephen McNeil’s fateful budget

McNeil is a bafoon. He can't see the right thing if it sat on top of him. And now the maytag Premier is just digging in his heals. Won't miss him a bit when we toss him out next election.

So far what has he done?

1. Killed an entire industry and with it about $30,000,000 in tax revenues and $180,000,000 in GDP for the province and something in the 3,000 jobs totals.
2. He has done nothing to help with health care.
3. He had done nothing to fix provincial highways to make them safer.
4. He has signed the worst deal in history to rent a boat for tourists.
5. He's trying to sell off another money making entity i.e. the Registries, instead of keeping them and the $125,000,000 a year it generates in income AFTER expenses.
6. He fought nurses.
7. He fought teachers.
8. He increased tuition on students, thus driving more of the out of the province.

What has the maytag Premier done..... well he's working to make NS home to 75,000 civil servants and @725,000 retirees. And on those numbers we'll be broke in no time.

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Posted by Sangay the Middle Way on 04/16/2016 at 5:01 PM

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