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Re: “Under-mining Nova Scotia’s protected wildernesss

Allowing industry to take place on public land in balance with other users and the environment is acceptable in my opinion. Selling it or "Transferring" it out of the publics hands is not.

At the end of the day, Nova Scotia should take note of what has happened to Appalachia over the last 50 years.. Mountaintop removal for coal extraction promised quality of life. Instead, the mining execs made there cash, and now the industry is in decline. What there left with is a region just as poor as before, but with higher rates of cancer from run off, and some massive grey holes where multi million year old mountains once stood.

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Posted by samcan on 11/24/2017 at 2:40 PM

Re: “Under-mining Nova Scotia’s protected wildernesss

If you are interested in protecting public lands for future generations to enjoy,
regardless of how you choose to recreate on them, consider joining BHA. They are an organization shedding light on the rising issue of public land transfers throughout North America, and are a strong voice in the fight for protecting what every Canadian taxpayer has a birthright too. Educate your selves on the history of public land in North America, and cherish it. The idea to set aside swaths of land for every person to enjoy and benifet from is a uniquely North American concept, and a luxury that few nations can claim.

As out population continues to rise these lands will only become more valuable in every way. These lands belong to everyone. Whether you Hunt, fish, snowboard, ski, camp, forage or birdwatch.

However it is presented, the sale of public land is always a short term financial solution that benefits the few.

They aren't making new land..

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Posted by samcan on 11/24/2017 at 3:33 AM
Posted by samcan on 11/24/2017 at 3:13 AM

Re: “Developments would be towering over the Common

If there is going to be development anywhere in the HRM, it should be on peninsular Halifax! I'm sick of seeing 3 story, half a mile wide Condos in the middle of the goddamn woods! Aside from our outrageous levels of urban sprawl, we should be taking advantage of as many developments in central Halifax as we can to build up our sad city center. It's about time we got some proper developments in this town.

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Posted by samcan on 10/08/2014 at 3:04 PM

Re: “Rats and roaches

Me and my girlfriend were residents of one of there disgusting, overpriced buildings on Kent st.

The experience was unspeakable. On one occasion(of MANY) I literally came home to a rat flopping around in the toilet... Until that point they were trying to tell me that they were "field mice" (these things were damn near a foot long and very aggressive). When I asked my degenerate property manager to do something about my toilet friend, she sent the supers husband(the resident handyman) with a pair of garbage pickers over to our apartment, at which point he proceeded to drown the rat while simultaneously boxing my girlfriend in bathroom with his outreached garbage tongs(a real charmer).. After that we made a trip to their main office on Kempt Road, where we had the pleasure of dealing with an egotistical, incompetent razor thin gold chain wearing piece of trash that offered zero help or service. He merely redirected us back to our property manager, and said he would give her a call to see what was going on... after outlining the conditions of the lease we were locked into, and informing us that because they were providing sufficient pest control services(a Larry the Cable Guy looking man who came buy and tossed around a couple traps and left) that we had no reason to breach the lease..

We fought HARD to get out of the lease with absolutely ZERO help from the tenancy board.
We cleaned the piss out of what was a disgusting unit to begin with, and even gave the place a fresh coat of paint to ensure they had no reason withhold our damage deposit. During walkthrough they were purposely nitpicking(the walkthrough was conducted by the handy man hero mentioned early, who although I feel is a kind soul, is about as smart as the garbage pickers he was handling; and wouldn't normally be capable of the malice he was displaying unless
of course he was ordered too by his boss(the property manager) who was to much of a passive aggressive pussy to conduct the walkthrough herself... The only thing he could find was a SINGLE crumb under the crisper in the fridge(which I scoured). This crumb was going to be his reason for withholding our $500 dollars... Long story short; that did not happen..

These people are slum lords in the most literal sense, and are clearly in-bed with the tenancy board. And if their not, then fuck the tenancy board anyways, because they are probably the most useless fucking wing of government we have outside of the Liquor commission and labour board. Seriously, what the fuck do they do? Have you seen the conditions of some of the places in this city? Mold, rats, bedbugs, dilapidation....This goes beyond entitlement, it's public health problem. I pay exorbitant taxes in this country every year to ensure certain things get taken care of. Chiefly my health!!

It's truly sickening and shining example of the growing corruption we breed in this province. And by the way if anyone is interested I have photos of ALL my experience with this property behemoth. Just let me know, I would LOVE to play a role in taking a jab at those motherfuckers.

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Posted by samcan on 09/04/2014 at 1:25 PM

Re: “Tourist Trap on the Waterfront

I already know this pertains to a certain house of wares on the water.. I could taste the tin in my 15 dollar lobster roll. Didn't go there by choice..

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Posted by samcan on 08/26/2014 at 12:56 AM

Re: “So Sick and Tired of this Crap!

I agree, don't make a mess of the park, re-cycle your shit. But christ, lighten the fuck up (wo)man! The weather's beautiful, not everyone has a big beautiful back yard, and fuck 7 dollar patio beers! Viva drinkin' in the park after dark!!! Brown bag that shit.

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Posted by samcan on 07/04/2014 at 3:36 PM

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