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“Rain” cascades down and pitter-patters into bins placed in front of the stage. The Girl (Sarah-Jean Jones) steps forward, white-shouldered and kohl-eyed. Words drop from her lips like raindrops, poetic and soothing. A young man (Jason Daley) sits at a bus stop under the shelter of an umbrella and muses about the distance between his dreams and his reality. From this dreamy beginning, playwright/actor Mike McLeod’s Rain moves into six more vignettes that are mere moments in people’s lives—a first kiss, a melt-down at a dead-end job, the sudden realization that it’s impossible to go back to the way things were… One vignette really stood out for me: The scene between a brother (McLeod) and sister (Margaret Legere, who also directs) at a funeral. That their conversation can seem both so real and so heightened is a testament to great acting and wonderful playwriting—as is this entire show. –Kate Watson

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