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Q&A with the Wordburglar 

Michael Kimber catches up with Sean Jordan, AKA the Word Burglar.

MK: How did you get into Backburner and what is its history according to you?

Wordburglar: Hmm…well, I knew Fes, Process, Thesis and Ginzu through the local hip-hop scene. and Jesse and I went back cause we played on the same baseball team when we were kids. I was doing my thing with my crew and those guys kept telling me about this collective that they were forming with a few other guys and some dude named Kils haha…At this point they were working on the Big Talk compilation and Kils was doing a few tracks for Jay Bizzy’s album. I had heard some of that stuff and liked the vibe and one day I needed a place to record some new tracks, so I called up Jesse and we went over to Kils’ studio on Chebucto and recorded five tracks in an afternoon. We all were on the same page and got along really well and just started building together from there.

MK: What are your latest and greatest moves within the industry?

Wordburglar: Right now I’m on tour and just dropped a new CD of B-sides, Remixes & Rarities called Burgie’s Basement. Next up is the Backburner album, a seven-inch record with Beatmason and a new full-length solo album.

MK:What should we expect from an SJ stage show?

Wordburglar: The grown-up version of being in grade five and your teacher leaves the classroom. That’s right. No teachers. Party time.

MK: What is one of your funniest moments from the road?

Wordburglar: I guess I was once sorta-kidnapped by this girl. She offered me a lift to the after-party after a show we played but instead of driving me to the party drove me to her house. It wasn’t until I went inside and met her dad that I realized I wasn’t at the after-party haha…

MK What do you think of the present Halifax scene as it compares to when you were coming up?

Wordburglar: There’s always been great talent in this city and if you put in the work the city will support you.

MK: What is something no one would ever expect about you?

Wordburglar: I know a ton of Barry Manilow lyrics.

MK:What was your favorite video game as a kid?

Wordburglar: The Ninja Turtles game at the Bowl-a-rama arcade.

MK: Which celebrity would you sleep with?

Wordburglar: Dead—Audrey Hepburn, circa 1960. Living—Sarah Silverman

MK: Who is the coolest person you have gotten drunk with?

Wordburglar: Larry Hama, the creator of 1980s G.I. Joe.

MK: If you could be any other rapper in the world who would it be?

Wordburglar: Ice Cube

MK: What movie character most inspires you?

Wordburglar: Some days it’s Indiana Jones, other days it’s Happy Gilmore.

MK: Where would you get a good sandwich in Halifax?

Wordburglar: My mom’s kitchen.

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