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Present Laughter

In Noel Coward’s Present Laughter, Garry Essendine (Terry Coolen) is a self-centred actor whose every move is a performance. He is surrounded by adoring women who try to worm their way into his life and employees who cater to his whims. Coward is, of course, a master of elegant language and dry wit, and much of the humour in this play comes from the way Essendine overstates everything and the way his wise-cracking assistant Monica Reed (Helen Goodwin) understates things. There are some very funny moments in this production (Sandi Montgomery gets lots of laughs as the chain-smoking, slow-moving Swedish housekeeper), but the soap-opera like plot is simply not enough to hold one’s attention for two and half hours. I’d have to say this is a near-miss that is ultimately sunk by drawn-out timing and a mish-mash of wonky accents. –Kate Watson

  • Pond Playhouse

    6 Parkhill Road, Halifax Spryfield/Purcell's Cove


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