Learning love and trust with an adopted dog

Learning love and trust with an adopted dog

We adopted our greyhound the same day we met him. It was big adjustment for us, and for him.
I remember these two pet food commercials from a few years ago: One featured a man trying to get his new cat out from under his couch.

So you want to own a hedgehog?

These pointy pets are cute as hell, but not everyone knows about their challenges.
Hedgehogs are some of the most Instagram-worthy animals out there.

Why people get tattoos of their pets

Pet-inspired tattoos are a common way for owners to always have their loved ones with them.
It took Ariel Mactavish two hours to get a decent print of her dog's paw—an image that would later be part of her tattoo.

Drinking wine and making cat furniture

How to build your cat a plaything without breaking the bank.
Supplies Two lidded wine creates from your local liquor purveyor (free, usually) Nails that are normal/smallish ($4) Semi-ugly floor mat for carpet bits ($3 at the dollar store) All-purpose craft-glue ($5)

Your local mewtique hotel

Thanks to these cat meow-liday inns, you and your furry pal can both kick back on vacation.
If you're planning a lengthy trip down south this winter but you aren't sure what to do with your feline friend, don't fret—your kitty can have a get away all of its own.

It’s not just for cats

Organic catnip tea is an herbal remedy for cold and flu season.
There's no mistaking a cat in the throes of catnip ecstasy.

Feline stress at the vet is no joke

Halifax Veterinary Hospital on Quinpool Road becomes certified as “cat-friendly.”
Just like people, cats hate going to the doctor.

Here there be dragons

Everything you need to set up the perfect environment for your bearded dragon.
Not every pet needs a furry tail and puppy-dog eyes to be cute and cuddly.

Bring your dog to work day, every day

Animals in the office can lower stress and increase productivity—if they’re well-behaved.
Once or twice a week, when you visit Patagonia Halifax, you might catch Daisy during one of her shifts.

A day at the dog park

Meeting up with some best friends out enjoying some of HRM’s best open spaces.

Dogs run this town

Run, don’t walk, to DogRunnin’s new Agricola Street location.
Chubby puppies might look cute, but canine obesity remains a serious health problem for North American dogs.

Toys to sink your teeth into

Want to pet your money where your cat or dog’s mouth is? These pet playthings are all the rage right now.
It’s not Christmas, but there’s never a bad time to grab some new toys for the fur-children in your household.

Why is it so hard for dog owners to rent in Halifax?

Tough out there for a dog.
Meet Denver: An avid spooner, goofy and harmlessly affectionate. Denver has been involved with Jillian Mason for just under seven months.

Cancer or upset tummy? Check the poo

Health info from an unexpected source.
Everybody poops, but poop is anything but ordinary.

Kate was the picture of health, then she was gone

An unexpected goodbye to an exemplary cat.
Steve was always the problem cat.

How to make your pet an Intsta-star

Five tips from a Halifamous puppy-grammer’s mom.
Nowadays, everyone's a social media watchdog.

Horse majeure

It’s a big job, but someone has to do it. Integrity’s Haven Equine Rescue provides a home for sick and elderly animals.
When it comes to animals, Angela Welburn can't, and won't, say no.

A Q&A with Earl Grey

This federal election’s failed four-legged candidate sits down with The Coast.
Halifax's own Earl Grey was vying to be the one scratching the furniture at 24 Sussex Drive. We caught up with the famous feline post-election to chat about his aspirations and his brother's legacy.

Where I Work: Jennifer Sinclair

Groomer/co-owner of Down Home Dog Grooming & Canine Comforts.
Who I Am

Who gets the kids in the divorce?

Breakups are hardest on the pets.
Ah, relationships.

There’s an app fur that

The best downloads pet owners should have on their phones.


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