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People who live in glass houses… 

To the editor,

I cannot understand the disrespect and intolerance of people towards the recent concert. Reading last week's Coast completely blew my mind. To me it was soaked with negativity and a complete lack of respect.

I'm not a fan of The Stones, but I attended the concert, watching from the entrance area for the kitsch value. WE NEED THAT. Kitsch is good! Life is heavy enough every single day. Why are we to be vilified for taking part in something that, if only for a night, distracts us from the issues of ethics, relationships and pain?

How can anyone consider themselves as having a social conscience when they openly degrade something that they simply don't like? It's not very mature. I don't understand what is so offensive about the whole thing, which lasted six hours. The grass will grow back. The earth is resilient. That pink sign on Creighton Street—shame on you. I was just wide-eyed in disbelief that such disparagement could be coming from what I thought was a kind, creative community. If you want to comment on a "British invasion," pick up a book and read about the colonization of India. Get your priorities straight.

Will people take one second to overcome their inflated sense of self-importance and see that what they perceive as their social conscience has been transmitted as nothing more than intolerance, judgment and fences. You thought the fences on the Common were bad, take a second to think of the bitterness and contempt you are building when you take aim at such things and ultimately hurt others. I can only speak for myself but, man, reading that hurt. I don't understand at all. Why not pour your energy into something positive? If you want to initiate change, you don't add fuel to the fire, you look for water.

By Zoe Glass

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