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This is a past event.

Two men shucking and serving oysters.
Afishionado Oyster Bar Pop-up's super shuckers Will and Chris.

Oyster Bar Pop-up

Shuck yeah! After a few successful pop-ups earlier in the fall, Afishionado Fishmongers is making a habit of it in December, hosting an Oyster Bar every Friday before Christmas. With Lion & Bright's regular menu of tasty food and drinks available to accompany your shellfish desires, these are going to be some busy Fridays. Arrive early, before they've sold out of anything, and you'll be choosing from around 10 types of Nova Scotia's finest oysters (such as Shandaph, Eel Lake, Olding, Black Point and Sober Island, with clams, scallops and even sea urchin rounding out the menu depending on catches). Show up later, and the vibe is more packed-out nightclub—with oysters, without a dance floor. Pro tip: Get there early but stay late, and the world's your oyster.

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