Go Local: South End

Go Local: South End

If you venture below Morris Street, you're in for a big surprise.
From fashion boutiques to Asian groceries to international restos to bookstores to florists, you’ll find more shopping variety than you can shake a stylish fedora at. On one unseasonably warm Friday afternoon, Shoptalk took a stroll through the tony southern portion of downtown and we liked what we found.

Go Local: Spring Garden

The biggest strip of shopping in Atlantic Canada
You know this place. It’s the busiest strip of shopping in Atlantic Canada, with plenty in the way of whatever you’re looking for.

Go Local: Quinpool

Quinpool Road is a street at the crossroads.
One of the city’s main links between downtown and the suburbs, complete with gas stations and a McD’s drive-thru, it’s very commuter. But it’s a whole lot of community, too, serving as the west end’s Main Street.

Go Local: Agricola

Agricola Street is many things to many people.
Agricola Street is many things to many people. Cyclists love it because the traffic tends to be less hectic for a north end journey than Windsor, Robie or Gottingen.

Go Local: Halifax Waterfront

Strolling around the boardwalk on a day Queen Elizabeth was visiting made for an especially exciting Go Local experience for Shoptalk.
But really, even on a day sans monarchy, the waterfront is a genuine pleasure for visitors and locals. With plenty to eat, see and browse, a few hours down by the water can just fly by.

Go Local: Bedford

An artery right into the heart of Bedford, the highway has everything from Asian groceries to Middle Eastern carpets to outlets of fine footwear.
On our second annual visit up the Bedford Highway, we discover all sorts of cool stuff that makes us wonder if the peninsula is a bit overrated. Select Sounds 1475 Bedford Highway, 835-3274 "The vinyl is selling really well," says owner Michael James.

Go Local: Hydrostone

The Hydrostone is a north end oasis of classy boutiques, eateries and galleries. With a gorgeous, tree-lined parkette just across the street, it’s a springtime consumer destination unpar- alleled on the peninsula.
The Hydrostone is a north end oasis of classy boutiques, eateries and galleries. With a gorgeous, tree-lined parkette just across the street, it’s a springtime consumer destination unparalleled on the peninsula.

Go local on Barrington Street

We’ve all heard about the problems on Barrington Street, but the real story might be how longtime retailers have managed to survive and even thrive downtown, despite the closure of businesses, which recently have included CD Plus, Carsand Mosher and Peep Show Girly Boutique. And at press time, we’re receiving word that locally owned outdoor sports equipment supplier TAO: The Adventure Outfitters is moving from its Bayers Lake location to Barrington Street, into the newly renovated Freemason’s Hall, the former home of Locas.

Go local in Dartmouth

Wyse Buys 195 Wyse Road, 464-0010 Long known for having some of the best quality used furniture around (which can be delivered to your door), Wyse Buys is also getting into new chesterfields, beds and table sets too, "Comparable to what's available at Leons or The Brick," says manager Steve Richardson. You can also find refurbished appliances at Wyse Buys, including fridges, stoves, freezers, washing machines and dryers.

Go local in Clayton Park

Clayton Park stretches from Fairview to Bayer's Lake. We zeroed in on these pleasant merchants.
Ritual Studio480 Parkland Drive, 407-4022 Sadly, popular coffee house The Almond Cafe is now closed, but just down the plaza is the Ritual Tanning and Vibration Salon, where two lovely and bronzed ladies with startlingly white smiles, clad in black, will tan you up and whiten your teeth. Be sure to check out the T-Zone Vibration Technology, which they say will increase muscle strength, build bone mass density, improve flexibility, improve circulation and turn you into a nine-year-old Hindu boy.

A guide to Halifax’s second-hand bookstores

Words imperfect: Halifax’s second-hand bookstores hold the secrets to student budget specials and course-required texts, if you know where to look.
Back Pages 1526 Queen Street, 423-4750

Clothes minded

Yearning for locals vintage thrifty style with an ecological conscience? Here's your essential list.
There was a time in Halifax, not so long ago, that if you wanted to dress in local designs or with the environment in mind you'd end up looking like a church-basement yoga instructor or decked out in a tartan muumuu. Well, you're lucky, fashion-conscious students: It's a great time to move to this city as you no longer have to shell out a month's rent or wear a hemp sack to make a stylishmark that doesn't hurt tiny animals or the ozone layer.

Bike tune-ups across Halifax

Before you take the streets or hit the trails on your two-wheeled friend, you might want to take it to one of these bike shops
The sun is shining, birds are singing, and bikes arecoming out of the garage. Some of them are squeaking, creaking and moving slowly.Al Barbour at Nauss Bicycle Shop (2533 Agricola Steet, 429-0024) says a lot of people wait until their bikes don't work before they come in.His advice: Find out how much air to put in your tires (the PSI, or pounds per square inch, should be written on the tire) and keep them full.

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