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Re: “Against the law??....Bull$h!t!



Posted by miasmina on 04/02/2010 at 11:39 AM

Re: “The Cat Next Door

IF the cat is in peril of dying from cold.etc. Call the Metro SPCA cruelty line. It's in the phone book. IT"S THEIR JOB to educate the UN-educated and in some foreign countries cats and dogs are on the same level as dirt...they just don't matter,

Posted by miasmina on 04/02/2010 at 11:29 AM

Re: “Sea of corruption

We can sit and blame every party for something as we have always done, since we have a long and sordid history of patronage and kickbacks. OR we can demand that the government become FULLY accountable to the taxpayers of this province; which as I recall was how it started out in the first place (thanks, Joseph Howe no pun intended).
When we are still supporting former premiers on pensions? When even city politicians get paid for NOT winning elections...Ccahhh-mon people... really... I mean REALLY!???
Perhaps a few hints to get started: IF you are an elected official and get arrested for being drunk...you lose YOUR SEAT, your salary and your expenses. IF you ever get charged with any criminal felony at all...you lose your seat. No second chances, we elected you as an upstanding citizen to represent the general public's best interests and if you cannot do that or are unable to do that ..you lose YOUR SEAT etc.!
DEMAND and FOLLOW the paper trail. Provide original receipts for where the money went. OR perhaps pick one: high salary or expenses..not both.
P.S. We don't need another expensive inquiry with consultants from Upper Canada or the US, we know who you are, what you are doing (did) and what we should/could be doing about it. Not much wonder Nova Scotians are disgusted with politicians and politics.

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Posted by miasmina on 02/12/2010 at 10:28 AM

Re: “Political Bile

I am not sure why we as taxpayers do not demand more of the politicians. They are our servants, we picked 'em, we voted them in ( although lately it's become more like a best of the worst contest). We should demand pay-for performance, if you do not do what you said you were gonna in the election (or prove you made a start) - out you go! on the take, filling your own(s) pockets... out you go! drunk on the job...OUT.....OUT... show us that you needed the most expensive laptop ever ( you were actually helping that salesman earn his commission?? right,), EVEN JUST SHOW US ..THE TAX PAYING PUB-LICK!!!... THAT YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING, ANYTHING OTHER THAN FILL YOUR OWN COFFERS, ANYTHING..REALLY!!! a road somewhere, anywhere, that's been fixed so that it doesn't have to be (re)re-repaired next year, an ER that stayed open, a school that's in the black, a student loan that's kept pace with the Cost of Living, a piece of the province saved from environmental rape, how gas price regulation is working (NOT!)
just once I would like to see the people of this province not buy gas for a day or as a group not pay HST for 1 day, just to prove who really is in charge here.

Unknown quote: "there is nothing that is more heartbreaking than democracy, unless it is the illusion of democracy." Welcome the land of illusion.

Posted by miasmina on 02/05/2010 at 4:19 PM

Re: “Flannel fuckwads

How do you go from pyjama pants to a intellectual-like discussion of 3rd world fashion/culture? kind of a leap there...
Where I live, people once were invited to wear their jammies to a club on a Friday night; most who showed up looked they had not been out of said same jammies in days(or even weeks ..EUUW).
Like jogging pants* (just to clarify bcoz I know there are some who like to READ into what gets written, I Don't mean the " I've just come from the gym and forgot I need yogurt for breakfast" jogging pants; I mean the "bought from Frenchie's rag bin, threadbare, shown what you own, ratty legs, pockets out, holey" jogging pants..we clear???); wearing pyjama pants not a fashion statement. Tells me you lack self respect and are either too lazy or depressed to bother with the getting dressed in actual clothing to go out of your dwelling... perhaps the 'actual clothes' part in itself is a decision too difficult for you to decide which wardrobe option would be suitable for the chosen outing. I can reassure you that there is no outing that requires/expects/demands jammie pants. really. Plain color pyjama pants are not fooling anyone. Put on clothes people.. it's winter in Nova Scotia.
p.s. new mothers... babies aren't like dogs, cats, bears or foxes, they are not covered in fur, you have to put winter coats, hats, mitts and boots (all items in list) on your babies or they freeze AND because they little it takes less time for them TO FREEZE. No, jammie pants will not do but they look much cuter on the under 2 years old set.

Posted by miasmina on 01/07/2010 at 5:50 PM

Re: “Abduct this...

Pretty bad when you cannot even wave to a child without them thinking you want to abduct them. Would it have been more weird if he'd stopped the truck and got out to wave? Guess we'll have to stop our kids from getting truckers to honk their horns by giving a pull down sign, guess we'll have to stop letting people across the street or into a parking spot by giving them a little wave. Maybe I'll have to stop waving at the engineers in the trains now too.

Maybe the kid just had a seminar in school about strangers and was just eagerly waiting for any opportunity to prove he remembered it all.

How do we know the kid did not wave first?
I have had small kids wave at me (I usually wave back BECAUSE I REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS LIKE TO BE A KID! YOU DIDN'T MEAN ANYTHING BY IT You
thought it was great some adult waved back. You'd do it until someone did then laugh.)
Occasionally children have come up to me in a store( because I look friendly, even goofy, I guess) say hi and even start a conversation. SO what am I supposed to do now, RUN away screaming... say nothing, (thus, confirm thoughts that all adults are idiots) or not acknowledge that they are there and speaking? WHAT?? Take a chance that some warp minded individual might see this interaction and call the RCMP on me.
I love children, I think they are amazing, remarkable treasures ( for the most part) whose minds are being stifled and are becoming de-humanized by an utter lack of interaction with live humans. Parents, friends use cell phones, texting, e-mails, Farcebook, anything so we don't have to look each other in the eyes.
Bear in mind also, it WAS, after all, PICTOU. The RCMP have been bored for weeks.
What was that call like anyway,

CALLER: "UMMM RCMP? I just saw an old man and woman wave at a child from inside a truck at the Sobeys here near the Rotary. You'd better get up there before something horrible happens. HE looked suspiciously like a grandpa, and you know how those lonely, old people are like... always wanting to give kids candy, be nice to them, give them a hug, smile at them you know, all that kind of weirdness. Bring guns, tasers and mace. let's see some action! "
CONSTABLE : "OF course, ma'am, I'll get our ERT team right on that, sounds serious! Maybe the ambulance and a couple of cruisers, is that okay ? Should we call you back and let you know how things went? Perhaps a email with some video footage...??? A wall post on Facebook??" Barring that we'll keep them "on ice ' for a few hours so we can write it up in our log book.

Posted by miasmina on 11/26/2009 at 8:11 PM

Re: “Dead Wrong: Halifax's unsolved murders

After reading this article, I sit here shocked and dismayed, and my heart goes out to the families that have never been given the relative comfort of closure. Questions come to mind, first, I wonder how quickly the adminstrators would act to get a task force together and solve a murder if it was a member of their own family taken in this manner? Second, who is ultimately responsible for putting underqualified people in these positions and do they not feel any compassion for these families,or responsibility in any way? Perhaps they should be made to sit with the victims families who even years later still feel the pain.
Tom Martin is a hero for having the courage to speak out and as admirable as this is, I am guessing that nothing will be done about ever solving these crimes and well as others that were not counted in these statistics.
Those adminstrators should be ashamed.
Great story and kudos to the COAST.

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Posted by miasmina on 11/22/2009 at 12:25 PM

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