Make 'em Ups presents: The East Coast Improv Festival | The Bus Stop Theatre | Summer Festivals, Comedy Etc. | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST

This is a past event.

Make 'em Ups presents: The East Coast Improv Festival

Wondering what it takes not to get booed off stage? Me too, like every day, which is why Make ’em Ups’ East Coast Improv Festival is the perfect time to take in five shows and four workshops to really fine tune your schtick. Or if you’re lazy, which let’s face it, most of us are, just memorize this cheat sheet curtesy of Owen Stanford, Festival Director.

1. You’ve heard it before, saying “YES,” it’s so commonly heard because without it, nothing can move forward. 

2. Listening. If you’re not aware and present how are you going to make connections or simply know what’s happening?!

3. Trust. Yourself—to make the right choices. Your stage-mates—to accept your direction. And the one commonly forgotten, the audience—don’t pander to cheap jokes or play down to them. 

4. Commit. Believe in the characters and reality you or your scene partners are creating. If one person breaks this reality, the world will crumble. 

5. Play. It’s as simple as it sounds. Let go of the rules and let your creative energy pour! Colour outside the lines, write about nonsense, get your hands dirty.

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