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This is a past event.

Luncheon Theatre at the Halifax Club

The Halifax Club offers something different from your typical dinner theatre fare. Rather than feel-good, farcical plays sandwiched around a three-course meal, it’s all about a healthy, but entertaining, dose of local history served with lunch or supper à la carte. The latest incarnation of the luncheon theatre is set in 1862 and “hosted” by Halifax socialites William Cunard and his wife Laura. They are played by a cute-as-a-button brother and sister duo, Zac and Connie Hicks. This talented and charming pair regales the audience with gossipy stories of star-crossed lovers and ill-fated ghosts, as well as with some lovely songs. The stories are generally based in fact, and have been researched and put together by director Syd Bowman. The luncheon ends with an optional tour of the club. It’s an enjoyable way to learn a little bit about Halifax’s rich history. –Kate Watson

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