Looking | Bauer Theatre | Theatre | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST

This is a past event.


Looking for a light, sexy comedy that will appeal to both sexes? Festival Antigonish delivers with Norm Fosters’ Looking. It’s the story of two sets of forty-something friends who’ve been burned in love before but who venture into the world of internet dating. Val (Karen Bassett), the uptight OR nurse, agrees to meet the awkward Andy (Michael Ferguson) at a pub called the Private Dick. (I didn’t say the humour was sophisticated!) She drags her sexy, commitment-phobic friend Nina (Francine Deschepper) along, where she connects with the cool-as-a-cucumber Matt (Ben Stone). Sparks and clothing fly, but of course the path to love is not smooth. Although the plot is predictable, these four talented actors make you really care about these quirky characters, so that anything less than the expected happy ending would have been unwelcome.

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