Willow Cioppa still has art

Willow Cioppa still has art

The multi-disciplinary Montreal artist brings care in the form of poetry to the Khyber this week.
Willow Cioppa's KREAM residency February 19-24 Khyber Centre for the Arts, 1880 Hollis St. Poetry reading: Fri Feb 23, 6-8pm Collective Care Among Marginalized Communities workshop: Sat Feb 24, 2-4pm

Deeply homesick for a woman’s voice

With Penelope, poet Sue Goyette wrote the version of The Odyssey she wanted to read.
The first time Sue Goyette read The Odyssey was in high school. She liked the logic of the myth and how things could be solved creatively in unexpected ways.

Emma FitzGerald’s shore lines

The artist follows up her popular Hand Drawn Halifax with Sketch by Sketch: Along Nova Scotia’s South Shore.
Halifax Crafters Market Dec 1 (5-9pm), Dec 2-3 (10am-5pm) Olympic Hall, 2304 Hunter Street Free admission Emma FitzGerald struck a chord with Hand Drawn Halifax, her 2015 collection of portraits of buildings, people and landmarks from around town.

Book review: The Case of the Missing Men

Kris Bertin and Alexander Forbes’ old-fashioned mystery mash-up is a carefully crafted page-turner.
The Case of the Missing Men is an old-fashioned mystery in the vein of teen detective series like The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. The book is seeped in nostalgia for the campy teen thrillers, but its sophisticated story and illustrations belie the simple pleasure of its premise.

The Matter of Scaachi Koul

The Toronto-based writer is coming to Halifax for the first time.
An evening with Scaachi Koul Sunday, October 29, 7pm Paul O'Regan Hall, Halifax Central Library, 5440 Spring Garden Road $20

Book review: Joey Comeau, Malagash

Lyrical prose packed with truths.
Sunday's father is dying of cancer and he wants to go back to his hometown of Malagash to die. The kids, Sunday and her little brother Simon, are school-aged, and so the whole family packs up for the north shore of Nova Scotia.

Word on the Street’s best

Four expert recommendations for the yearly literary festival.

Review: Bad Things Happen, Kris Bertin

Agony and anguish are treated with clever prose in Bertin’s collection.
Kris Bertin is the Dalí of despair.

Andre Fenton on how to beat writer’s block

Some crucial tips from the author of Ode to Teen Angst
COMIC BY Spiderrobby

Review: A Bird on Every Tree, Carol Bruneau

Carol Bruneau's collection of short stories A Bird on Every Tree gloriously explores the complex relationship people have with the place they call home. Through the lens of teenage angst, many of us see ourselves having a great big-city life and never returning home.

Save the date: Scaachi Koul is coming to Halifax

The Toronto-based writer is hitting up the Central Library in October.
An evening with Scaachi Koul Sunday, Oct 29, 7:30pm (doors open at 7pm) Paul O'Regan Hall, Halifax Central Library $20 You may have heard of Scaachi Koul. The BuzzFeed senior writer, unapologetic tweeter and recent author has garnered fans (and her fair share of haters, too) over the past few years.

Take a pause and open up The Pregnant Pause

Jane Doucet's debut novel reflects on motherhood—or lack thereof.
The Pregnant Pause book launch Sat. June 24, 9:30am-12:30pm The Halifax Central Library Jane Doucet had read plenty of books in which a female protagonist ended up having a baby and living happily ever after.

Atlantic Book Awards’ reading week

A week full of readings and events capped off by a gala to get your summer reading list well stocked.
Atlantic Book Awards Festival May 11-19 atlanticbookawards.ca

Read an excerpt from Just Jen

Grab a copy of the powerful memoir at the launch party this Wednesday at the Halifax Central Library
Just Jen book launch Wednesday, May 3 Halifax Central Library, Paul O’Regan Hall 7pm

2017 East Coast Literary Award nominations revealed

Good reading ahead
The Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia announced its shortlist for the 2017 East Coast Literary Awards last Wednesday.

Angst for the memories

Get Andre Fenton’s debut poetry book Ode to Teen Angst while you can.
Andre Fenton is selling his self-published book of poems, Ode to Teen Angst, as fast as he can print them. "I always joke around about selling this book like a mixtape, it's not really in stores yet, so I just carry it with me," he says.

What a Friend We Have

Fiction by Carol Bruneau
The Frenchy's bin overflowed with plushy Santas and reindeer, glittery balls and bows, and—as Gray dug deeper—gold!

Five local must-reads

Baby overlords, feminists, ghost stories and more.
King Baby by Kate Beaton (Scholastic) The second children's book from acclaimed Cape Breton cartoonist Kate Beaton is narrated by an egg-shaped baby who relegates demands with an overlord's authority and facial expressions equally diabolical and cute.

How to be in 2017

Resisting normalizing oppression in everyday life.
Lately, I have found myself thinking about the big questions of life as though they were book titles.

Review: Snapback Volume 1: Fuseki

by Christian DeWolf (christiandewolf.com)
Go is a war-like strategy game popular in Korea and China played with black and white stones on a 19x19 grid—it is not Chinese checkers. The game is at the heart of Christian DeWolf's Snapback Volume 1: Fuseki, along with Felix and his gang of Go fanatic friends at their Annapolis Valley High School.

Pop culture with Two Brown Girls

Local initiative aims to bring the hosts of the pop culture podcast to town.
Stranger Things panel Friday, November 18, 7pm Art Bar + Projects, 1873 Granville Street pwyc DONATE HERE: https://www.generosity.com/community-fundraising/help-bring-two-brown-girls-to-halifax

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