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To the editor,

Most people take pride in saying that they live in Halifax. People from small towns flock to Halifax to experience city life and the many opportunities here. Halifax is known for being a friendly, welcoming city. I have lived in Halifax for many years. I have moved away a few times and have always come back, homesick for the city I have loved for so long. I had moved away three years ago for a job opportunity in another province and have recently moved back.

To my surprise the friendly city I left has vanished. In my absence it would seem there has been an invasion of rushed, angry and inconsiderate city dwellers. I have lost count of the number of times I have been cut off or almost sideswiped in my car, seen pedestrians running out in front of cars to cross the street, not bothering to use a crosswalk or to see if a car is coming or been run over by a shopping cart in Sobeys.

My most recent rude awakening was at Neptune Theatre. I am an avid fan of Neptune Theatre and have seen many productions. Being a bit short of funds we decided to go to see Oliver on the "pay what you can" evening. I knew there would be a big lineup so my fiance and I decided to leave right from work, grab supper and eat it in the lineup.

We stood in line that windy -6C evening, shivering, counting down the two-and-a-half hours until the doors would open. By the time the doors did open, the number of people in front of us had doubled. People were happily butting in front of us, many showing up half an hour before the doors were to open to meet up with people that were already in line. The couple in front of us had five people show up. They did the whole "Oh, it's so good to see you" charade as if they had just met on the street by coincidence and decided to stay and see the play.

Now, you would think that common decency would intervene and that we would be asked if it was OK if these people snuck in line ahead of us. Not as much as a nod of thanks or a smile; none of them could even make eye contact with us. I started getting really annoyed when the newcomers started saying how cold they were and asking when were they ever going to open the doors, as we stood behind them, fingers numb inside our mittens from the two-and-a-half hour wait.

Thankfully we did end up getting seats and Oliver was absolutely amazing. But I'm still asking, where, oh where, have all the decent people gone?

By Missing the decent people

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