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Letters to the Editor 

I am truly saddened by your March 13 issue and the story regarding the Commonwealth Games bid. While I appreciate Tim’s desire to dig into the specifics of the bid, he did an incredibly bad and unprofessional job are reporting the full and accurate story. As someone that was closely involved with the bid, I noted several incorrect statements and was shocked to read his negative, almost personal bias against several leaders in our community. These individuals employee hundreds of Atlantic Canadians, have decided to do business in this city/region, actively promote the city in a positive light locally and internally, and wish to see it grow for the better. I have only lived in this city for four years (I moved here from Ontario for the lifestyle and growth potential) and get extremely upset when people from here knock those that try to succeed or want to elevate this place to the next level. I find that many from here do not recognize the potential of this city/place and are afraid of progression. I know many may have an issue with this statement, but “change is good”.

As I’ve now read in the Mach 20 issue, others have read your article and believe it to be true. As a source of information (that I read weekly), I expect you to report the true or facts. You did not do this. Therefore, people are taking away one sided, bias, factually incorrect information. For instance, Steve Parker does not own a piece of the Barrington Group. It is another gentleman with the same name.

It was extremely unfortunate that we did not win the chance at hosting an international event such as the Commonwealth Games. Since I had been to a recent games, and saw what potential this event could bring to our city and our children, it hurts me that there are those that always want these types of things to fail. This city can be a great city if people stop trying to hold it back. You wonder why the youth is leaving the city to go to Calgary and Toronto, those cities promote growth, innovation and progression.

Respectfully yours,


By Unimpressed CFA

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