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Letters to the Editor 

I wish people would really stop going on and on about "democracy", loss of "lifestyle" or "time with family and friends" all because we can now buy lettuce and lumber on Sunday. Please just give it a rest people.

Cut through all of the above verbal smoke and everyone can see that the entire issue is simply about retail workers not wanting to lose their special status as having a legislated day off that no one else enjoyed. I can't say I blame them in a way but it was unfair to begin with, never reflected any sort of even approach to labour laws and just created more difficulties for everyone else in the mean time.

If you're worried about "democracy" then vote with your collective feet and don't shop on Sundays! If the so called majority is so overwhelming then surely that will be enough to make the stores realize it's not worth it to open right? Right?

But wait....people are not being hypocrites by shopping on Sundays but are just being human. Riiiight. Well, if you can't follow up on your so-called principles with concrete action then how the heck can you make a lofty democratic principle the bedrock of your case?

Come to grips with your own reality and let's move on.

By sonofapreacherman

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