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Letters to the editor, October 17, 2013 

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Orange peeled

The provincial NDP was a rudderless ship under Darrell Dexter. The party ran to the middle, in what most viewed as a disengenuous ploy to retain power. That said, they did some good things: cap prices on generic drugs, expand dental care to older kids, waived ambulance fees to the poor and seniors, added gender identity to the Human Rights Code, put firm caps on electricity generation emmissions, among other things AND they balanced the budget.

But the party was responsible for its own undoing. Now we're back to the Liberal /PC merry-go-round. What a lost opportunity for the NDP and Nova Scotia.

—posted by tldrkhnsm at

Dexter had a big smile on his face on election day---he knew he would lose. He ran an awful campaign, stuttering and mumbling whilst looking downcast and then when he lost, stood up and delivered a speech that he should have given every day of the previous 30 days. He'll have a vacation, then it will be back to writing wills for old folks and helping homebuyers close the deal. —posted by Joeblow

I don't think Dexter should be too torn up---I mean by losing, it actually turns out he's getting a raise from the big fat pension. —posted by Brandon Wilcox

They cut us off from Maine, implemented the highest taxes in the country and took credit for federal spending (shipyards). Found the time to outlaw private wine breweries in suburban settings typically utilized by seniors---complete with a secret police force to fine businesses on behalf of the monopoly liquor board NSLC. Bungled their green energy push resulting in extreme power rates.

This place is a disaster demographically and Dexter, during the campaign, said outflow migration and aging weren't an issue and that lack of immigration wasn't a problem. And being $15 billion in debt isn't a problem. Good riddance. —posted by Michael Murphy


I don't use Seaview Park and I know its history, but dog feces should be picked up everywhere ("Dog-free Africville?," Reality Bites by Rana Encol, October 10). It's an insult to every community. That aside, I don't really get why an off-leash dog is an issue. Dogs are part of the family. No children allowed at the park either? I think it's silliness. —posted by Reg LeCrisp

People out enjoying a public park is not disrespectful. Dogs do not have any malice toward any race or group of people. If the owners are pissing on your monument or shitting on the porch of your church, fine, I can see it being disrespectful. Nobody down there says when their dog sits, "Good boy, show the community what you think of its legacy."—posted by Stephen Harper is the Devil

Fort Needham is close by and has an off-leash area, but it's small and surrounded by trees---so you can't easily see your dog ---and busy streets that your dog could reach in about five seconds of running.

Yes your dog should be under control, but dogs get spooked, a puppy sees a squirrel, someone shows up who hasn't perfectly trained their dog and suddenly you have a potential car accident when the dog runs into the street. All because the city expects four-legged animals to behave perfectly at all times and is too cheap to put up a fence.

Aftricville Park suffers because it gets a disproportionate amount of dog traffic when people habitually drive 45 minutes out of their way so that they can use a dog park that is at least mostly fenced (which you can't even get at a sports field in this city). There needs to be a new FENCED dog park (the Look Off park is bordered by highways, and there are three deer that practically live in there in the fall), and a few additional ones so no single park gets all the traffic.

Which is what was supposed to happen but surprise, surprise, the city hasn't followed through with the strategy they themselves thought up. —posted by scruffykitty


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