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Letters to the editor, March 16, 2017 

These are the letters and comments from the print edition


Down with big weed
No, you cannot have ethical weed grown by mega producers ("Ethical weed," Voice of the City by Luke Johnstone, March 9). Given the choice of scrapping a $20 million crop of weed, which will trigger a sell-off of shares by shareholders, or rolling the dice on using banned pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

Well it seems two MPs have already been found guilty of doing just that. So much for the criminals our government chose to replace the criminals. Fuck corporate cannabis! —posted by Furious Poprah

An act of kindness
Last week I was waiting for Access-A-Bus to pick me up outside my apartment on Cow Bay Road to take me to work. The bus isn't allowed to pull up to my building so they have to park at the front of the driveway, blocking traffic.

As I got outside, I was just in time to see my bus pull away. I realized immediately what had happened: Someone else was trying to get out of our driveway and the bus was blocking them, so it drove away to let them through and were going to come right back.

While I was waiting for the bus to return, a young girl, maybe 10 or 11 years old, got out of her house across the street, crossed the crosswalk and came over to ask if I was alright. She had seen the bus pull away and was worried I would be stranded. I told her what had happened and that my bus would return shortly. I thanked her for checking on me and she returned home.

Sometimes I wonder where all the good people have gone, but it's heartwarming to see they're still around, especially at such a young age. —Brian, Eastern Passage

Scream fire, not rape
After attending the protest on March 7 in Halifax, I wrote this:
I don't know the latest victim, at least not by name,
But I know other women whose story is the same,
Just not enough proof, we've all heard before,
Even when found naked and passed out on the floor,
Or when videos show she was barely awake
Yet the victim is harassed and the evidence "fake"
Why was she there, she should have known better,
Judges who don't seem to know the law to the letter,
The message is clear, they say you don't get a choice,
So shut up, take it and stop raising your voice,
You gave him mixed signals, your no didn't come
You should have known he was wanting to get some
What were you wearing and just what did you say,
Maybe he misunderstood, as if that makes it ok,
We need to stop focusing on No and understand the need for yes
Stop making excuses and settling for less
We teach our daughters when walking at night to clutch keys,
Where's the best place to aim when you fight with your knees,
How to claw at the eyes and scream fire not rape,
We don't teach prevention we teach how to escape
We hear about false accusations that rarely occur,
So the truth of the matter they can happily obscure,
It's illegal to rape not illegal to drink,
Not all men doesn't matter like some seem to think,
Prevention for all, if it saves just a one or two,
Would be worth any effort in what we do
We don't want revolution, we just want to not live in fear
So we'll stand up and scream until you finally hear
We won't go away with a few well meaning phrases,
It won't be enough to just placate us with praises,
I'm tired of this understanding that we women get
When we are used as disposable objects without regret
We don't want revolution but if you force our hand
This movement and issue will further expand,
When a woman's fed up it's best to get out of her way
We are many women fed up and we will not go away
So it's time now you listen, we'll make it hard to avoid
We don't care if you're bothered, inconvenienced or annoyed
We are done being nice or fulfilling your lady-like role
We have our eyes locked on a target with a clearly defined goal
So join us and make change or please step aside
It's time to stop rape culture and make misogynists hide —Amira-Nicholle Hirtle, Halifax

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