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Letters to the editor, July 27, 2017 

These are the letters and comments from the print edition


Angels & criminals

I actually agree with you that the return of the Hells Angels is a bad thing, but your attempt to turn this into a race subject is pathetic ("Hells Angels resurgence not something to celebrate," City story by Christy Somos, July 20). I also agree there is racial bias against Black criminals, but this is not the way to bring that up. The kind of stuff people are talking about on social media is the Angels stepping in to clean up the Marriott vs Melvin drama (both white, and not mentioned in your agenda-driven article)and the little teenage drug dealers that will rob you at a bus stop (the ones I grew up with were mostly white).

I'm totally for equality among humans, and I was enjoying reading your article with its very good points and interesting ideas. Then you go on to assert that the sole reason why I had these thoughts is because I'm racist against Black criminals! Holy crap, that ruined it. I think you need to take a big step back. I VERY rarely have been offended by an editorial article, and I probably have never sent a response to an editor. I think you should probably rethink the narrative you are trying to push because it would be a shame if it backfired and pushed people away from your cause. —Douglas Myers, Halifax

Only ignorant people are hoping for a return of a large organized criminal group to control the city. Seriously, Coast, do you have to be so cuck'd as to make the argument against it a social justice issue? —posted by SeanShadilay1 at

Trash has no specific skin colour, gender or age. Trash is trash. They don't matter, but we normal people have to put up with them. Quality evidence shows they are certainly less active and dangerous with a more professional outfit in town. So in that context, it's a relatively better situation. —posted by NathanRelles

Late '80s, early '90s, I was friends with and hung around with the Halifax chapter. In the time I knew them, I never once heard anything racist. In fact, they had Black friends. If you don't mess with them, they won't mess with you. —posted by Beth Snow

Trudeau's walk

Hey Coast, is anything ever good enough for you ("Trudeau pinkwashing Pride parade," Reality Bites post at by Jacob Boon, July 18)? The PRIME MINISTER OF THE FUCKING COUNTRY showing support for the LGBTQ+ community by actively marching in the parade is unprecedented...and all you can do is whine that he's straight, white and male? Do you have a stick perpetually lodged in an unmentionable location?

JT is pretty much the puppetmaster of the SJW dregs, and you're harping on your own overlord for being too white? Too male? Not gay enough? Do people actually take you seriously in some circles? —posted by LaciG

Prime ministers attending pride parades is an important symbol, but it's important to remember that Justin Trudeau is a politician, and not part of the LGBTQ+ community. Allies are welcome (and encouraged!), and the best way to be an ally is to help those who need to be seen and heard do just that.

Politicians, especially those who are not members of the LGBTQ+ community and those who are not taking risks on our behalf, should be conscious of how much space they take up. —posted by John Hutton

Red tape wrong

Wow, government. I am a single parent who lives an active life (as a working mother, student and homeowner). To provide info from 2014 to the present is a lot from a person who lives an active life, and especially from a person who struggles with a specific form of a learning disability. On May 17, I faxed a lot. I thought all the requested info was given, but the letter sent back by the government telling me my child tax benefit is cut off tells me I was missing something.

Why does the government want my kids to suffer? Why does the government want to destroy my kids' summer after they work hard all year? I was missing some things, but I should have been given a chance to give the missing pieces before my cheque was cut off. —Kim Murphy, Dartmouth


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