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Letters to the editor, December 7, 2017 

These are the letters and comments from the print edition.


Our bad example
I hope our esteemed mayor and council were tuned in to the respected CBC Radio program Ideas last Tuesday night. It featured several world-leading architects assembled at the Central Library for the panel discussion "Building Tension: When to tear down and when to build up"—using Halifax as an example for the most part of what NOT to do. The one-hour discussion can together with photos from around downtown can be found at It's worth a listen. —Peter Lewis via email

Missing action
In his story "Who had December 15 for the convention centre opening?" Jacob Boon reports that in 2010, Trade Centre Limited projected 6,800 conferences and events would be scheduled for the new Convention Centre over the next 10 years (Reality Bites post at, Nov 28). On average that is 680 events per year! In its recent (Nov 28) press release, TCL says they have 90 bookings scheduled for 2018. That's a far cry from 680, isn't it?
—Judy Haiven, Halifax

Justice glimpsed
Of course there is no real help for victims of sexualized violence ("Today I saw justice, if only for a moment," Voice of the City by the anonymous mother of a human trafficking victim, Nov 30). Because we live in a patriarchy where the only people who matter are males. Nothing changes unless men want it to and they don't want to lose prostitution—after all they are the ones who use it. So so wrong. There are so many brave women. They have to be because the system is against them.

About the prevalence of slut-shaming: Do reporters ever include a murdered woman's occupation if she was a plumber or dental assistant? Rarely. But if she was a prostitute, gotta tell everyone.
—Martha Cody via The Coast's Facebook page

Stand by these young lost souls and help guide them back into society with open arms, not finger-pointing, with understanding and compassion and a belief that they can change their lives. They may not even believe it, yet. We need to tell them they can, that they are worth it and deserve our love, not our judgement. Resistance and solidarity. —Robinson Lee Myers via Facebook

People think this does not exist but it is out in the open. As an over-50-year-old transgender woman I was approached four times by "people" recruiting for the sex trade at a Dartmouth mall, my partner a couple times as well. I was shocked first time, told my wife a sweet young man with the sexiest voice in the world tried pick me up with a beautiful puppy dog look, but I knew what he was. I'm old and confident. A young lonely woman with low self-esteem or a teenager would have no chance against such a smooth-talking pretty young man as this person was. Not his victims' fault at all. I hope your daughter stays strong and has a beautiful life. Lots of hugs and love to her. —Julia James via Facebook

Keepin' it Kaiser's
Rick Baker told me about the story on Kaiser's Sub & Sandwich Shoppes in your paper ("Kaiser's, king of subs," restaurant review by Melissa Buote, September 14). I must congratulate Ms. Buote on her wonderful article. It makes a food review an experience to read. I certainly enjoyed her way with words.

Being the guy that started Kaiser's, I certainly agree with her. There is only one place that comes close (not that close) and it's a tiny place in Quebec City. It's closer to my home now, but I still stop at Kaiser's every trip back home to Lower Sackville. Rick is a detail guy and he deserves all the credit for the last 36 years. It's a hands-on business that he runs as does a great drummer. You might ask him about that.

I often read your paper online (Google Alerts) and check it for places to eat and such when I'm in town. I certainly hope that you continue to publish great work. —Bob Steele via email


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