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Letters to the editor, August 18, 2016 

These are the letters and comments from the print edition

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Help heritage

Dear mayor Mike Savage and city councillors,

I find it incredibly disheartening that Young Avenue is being destroyed and there has been little interest shown in stopping this madness. Your inactions speak volumes to the residents, neighbourhood, city and tourism in general. Aside from a couple of councillors, there has been a suspicious silence about the issue.

Maybe everyone is more concerned with elections looming on the horizon. If it isn't in your constituency then it doesn't effect you? Well it does. It effects us all. It effects the vision entrusted by Young Avenue's founder, the Hon. William Young, to have a public grand avenue with beautiful homes set back from the street with a clear landscaped view to the Golden Gates and the entrance to Point Pleasant Park. Yes, I said public avenue, not just for the rich. Destroying the original governed setbacks from the street, and creating a densification of homes in plots intended for single homes, is completely undermining the intent of Young's vision. Now there is to be a subdivision within Young Avenue? This is insane! William Young would be horrified at what is being done to destroy all he had done.

Though I live in Dartmouth I still care about what happens to that avenue, and am pleading with you to declare the area a heritage district before it's too late! You may say, "Well, put your ideas forth during the Centre Plan meetings." But the so-called Centre Plan doesn't address the immediate dangers these homes are facing. The input of citizens, the meetings, the studies, the recommendations—these will take a year, two years or never. In the meantime, homes are being demolished and the neighbourhood is in immediate danger of being drastically changed!

I hope the collective "you" can reverse the perception the public has of council now, which is not very good at all I am afraid. I am passionate about this city. I care. Do you? —Barry Copp, Dartmouth

Chip check

You cannot simply enable an FM chip in your smartphone, despite what Francella Fiallos says in her Voice of the City ("Hi-fi without wifi," August 4). The phone requires that the compatible chip be preset, with drivers and code, along with FM antenna (or it being wired to the headphone jack and using your headphones as the antenna).

Just because the chipset in a phone supports FM doesn't mean it will actually work. There is no ON/OFF for this. This is per manufacturer of the device. The carrier can't do anything about this. I think some more research needs to be done for this article as it sets a false sense that the carrier or others are responsible for the FM functionality of the device, rather than the manufacturer directly. —Scott Myers, Halifax

Fish farm fracas

Throughout August and September, the True North Salmon Company, a subsidiary of Cook Aquaculture, is collaborating with Sobeys throughout Nova Scotia in an effort to convince the public that farmed Atlantic salmon is safe to eat. Could it be that opponents to ocean-based salmon farms have been successful in exposing the fact that these farms are a threat to our health, the environment, wild salmon and other fisheries?

The Association for the Preservation of the Eastern Shore (APES) decided to distribute information at Sobeys locations on the hazards of farmed salmon. There was no obstruction of the public and no laws being broken, simply the handing out of a fact sheet. Yet the response from Sobeys management and the Halifax police was swift. Within minutes two constables and two police squad cars were accosting two retirees who were peacefully distributing information to the public. 

With the rash of home invasions, domestic violence and robberies, aren't there more important things that Halifax's finest could be doing? —Wayne Mundle, Halifax


Last week's "Building a better election" was written by Michael Lightstone but mistakenly published under Jacob Boon's byline.

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