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re; T. Crilley's 'Screwed on Sunday' letter to editor question 'Does no one see the hypocrisy here?'

Yes I see the hypocrisy and it's only the beginning of the obsurdity that exists in this lost culture, it's really sad. I was attempting to explain the whole 'no shopping on Sunday in Canada' thing to a friend from another country recently. I explained (while attempting to keep a strait face) that God created the world in 6 days and on the 7th he rested, and in this tradition Sunday is the day of rest. (even though Saturday is really the 7th day of the week and Christians don't really rest)

Dear christain readers in case you are unaware or forgot 'rest' means fasting as well as not working according to your bible so I guess Canada should make it illegal for you to eat on Sunday, it makes as much logical sense as not letting citizens of a so-called free nation shop on a certain day of the week based on the beliefs of one religious group, sounds fair too, if we can't shop, you can't eat

and to the christains who selfishly voted against Sunday shopping, if you want to rest on Sunday go ahead but please consider that not all Canadians are christians and that Canada is a country not a religion---------------------dear coast editor, sorry about the poor grammer

By Matt Wesley

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