Guilty verdict for Jimmy Melvin Jr.

Guilty verdict for Jimmy Melvin Jr.

Judge refused to declare a mistrial when the accused became his own lawyer.
Jimmy Melvin got a not-guilty verdict at a murder trial earlier this year, but today he was convicted of trying and plotting to kill.

Update: Jimmy Melvin Jr. is his own lawyer now

Accused of attempted murder in 2008, he has been representing himself for the end of his case.
Story updated Oct 3 to include new information.

Not guilty—what the jury heard in Jimmy Melvin Jr.’s murder trial

After four weeks in court, Friday’s verdict brought more sensation than resolution.
"Who've you got to testify against me—that's reliable?"

Weapons of mass intimidation

Over the last four years Halifax Regional Police have tripled their armament of semi-automatic assault rifles, even as crime rates decrease. Do you feel any safer?
It was a police emergency like few others.

How I helped the Cuban Five escape from a Cold War prison

Behind the unlikely Havana-Washington-Halifax connection.
Halifax: December 17, 2014 Inside the second-floor King's College boardroom, close to a dozen of us huddled around a meeting table, wake-up coffees in hand, listening while our university's director of finance walked us through her PowerPoint presentation of bad news we already knew, but in far more excruciating detail than any of us wanted to know.

Canada's “secret epidemic” of police domestic violence

A new books asks whether departments are unable or unwilling to address the violence in their ranks.

Cops make terrifying villains.

Police wives and stories of domestic assault

A Q&A with author Alex Roslin about his new book.

 Alex Roslin has been writing about this topic for a while. In 2004, his stark portrayal of the murder of Lucie Gélinas by RCMP constable Jocelyn Hotte was nominated for a National Magazine Award.

The case for shit lists

Sharing the names of alleged rapists isn't perfect, but it's better than the alternative.
Several months ago, Anna was sexually assaulted.

NSLC won’t say how much money it’s spent fighting a 2009 human rights complaint

Liquor corporation denies FOIPOP.
Taxpayers must wait before they learn how much public money has been poured into an enduring human-rights battle involving the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation. The provincial Progressive Conservatives this summer were denied a freedom-of-information request for the disclosure of the cost of legal fees associated with the disagreement between liquor corporation worker Pearl Kelly and her employer.

The pros and cons of plea bargaining

Who benefits from the controversial justice system process?
PRO: It can put Jimmy Melvin Jr. behind bars The local crime figure was arrested weeks ago for the shooting death of rival Terry Marriott Jr.—more than six years after the crime occurred.

Assaults are up, theft is down in first quarter police stats

What crimes are being committed in Halifax?
Crime is down in Halifax.

Burnside’s overcrowded jail remains an embarrassment

Our prison system isn’t working, locally or nationally.
How bad are things inside the Central Nova Correctional Facility?

Drew Butler arrested, released over Mic Mac Mall threats

Halifax Police contact The Coast in order to arrest our source.
“I just kept telling them, 'I don't know what's going on.'”

Racial profiling still a problem in Nova Scotia

Dalhousie talk to shed light on ugly problem.
Next week, as part of African Heritage Month, consultant Ann Divine will be speaking about the findings of 2013 research into racial profiling amongst Nova Scotia’s consumers.

Five years of solitude

The use of segregation in NS prisons numbers in the thousands.
Convicts don’t get much sympathy.

Police need to earn the trust of black communities

A profile of racial profiling.
Quentrel Provo knows a lot of people along Lake Major Road in North Preston.

Case closed, justice hardly served

Her accused walks free. Her name remains banned.
UPDATE: This story is about Rehtaeh Parsons.

Delays and frustrations with the always-on stalker

Halifax police hand off revenge porn case to Florida.

Remember the story of Kim and Nicole?

Murder at the Halifax Club

A century ago, did the city’s elite conspire to kill?
Recently, I was lucky enough to attend a function at the Halifax Club.

A call for representation

King's students explore the role of women in their history.

Last month at the King’s campus bar, student Meg Shields noticed something was missing.

Hoping for something better

Transgender woman fights against human rights decision.
Jessica Dempsey, a transgender woman, is asking the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia for a judicial review of a recent decision made by the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission.

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