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Re: “NDP executives resign in protest over party leader Gary Burrill

Gary Burrill has shown concern for the environment, education, low income Nova Scotians, among other humanitarian areas. I have seen quite a few examples that indicate he is genuinely committed to actualizing programs to address these areas. As a volunteer, you don't get paid. That's what being a volunteer means. Can't comment from inside the party but I'm thinking that anyone who compares Gary Burrill with Donald Trump seems to be living in an alt fact world herself. We're in way over our heads (in water) in these parts with climate change and Burrill and Thomas Trappenburg are the only party leaders who have a clue about this dire situation. The Greens are starting to win in PEI. Perhaps NDP and Greens should form a coalition in NS to win here.

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Posted by Joanne Light on 11/29/2017 at 11:33 AM

Re: “Why do people still hate cyclists?

I've been cycling in Halifax and, before that, Saint John, for 12 years. Before that I had no car in Asia for seven years. I do have a car now since 2008, but try to use my bicycle most of the time. My one wish is that more people my age would cycle, which would put more pressure on HRM council to speed up building cycling infrastructure. I'd like to offer people support to start cycling. I could go out with newbies in quiet areas and ride and talk to them about how I keep safe. Contact me on Facebook. There are too many myths about how dangerous it is. If you talk to people who cycle here all the time, you can get wise to the things to avoid. First off, don't wear dark colours and have good lights and even fluorescent markers on your bike. Don't be a smart ass, but do be humble. It is just such a wonderful way to live and so healthy to do your errands and commutes by cycling. Bicycles have gotten so much lighter and comfortable and there's great support in this city with all the shops and super knowledgeable mechanics. I really haven't found Halifax dangerous to cycle in but I agree that there are some bad streets and a few very unaware, not humble drivers and I agree with a poster here that 90% of my few incidents have been with BMW drivers, for some reason. I also think that some cyclists get overconfident and take chances. Overconfidence is more dangerous than being a bit cautious but if the way is clear at a stop sign crosswalk or sidewalk, it makes sense to utilize those areas differently like someone here said it doesn't make sense to come to a complete stop if there are no cars coming or not ride on the sidewalk if there are no people on the sidewalk and it means avoiding a busy street like Robie that has no cycling infrastructure. Granted, I'm careful and I do go on the sidewalks to avoid busy streets and I always dismount if a pedestrian is on the sidewalk. I totally agree with "pigeon" that cyclists can't use the roads exactly like motorists. That's why cities build complete cycling infrastructure.

I have written almost 100 reasons to cycle in my Facebook "Notes" and health and reducing carbon emissions are pretty big ones for me. The peninsula is really an ideal place to cycle distance wise. It would be great if commuters could park in a big lot somewhere at the outskirts of the peninsula, then use a Velib system to commute downtown. Better still, if you work in Halifax, live in Halifax and become a cyclist in your daily life. There are ways to do it inexpensively, like hosting students to help with rent or mortgages.

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Posted by Joanne Light on 11/06/2016 at 10:33 PM

Re: “Letters to the editor, July 28, 2016

Here's a good articles that outlines the rules of the road for cyclists in Nova Scotia.

Posted by Joanne Light on 07/29/2016 at 10:12 AM

Re: “Letters to the editor, July 28, 2016

When I read Rhett Tolmie's letter on car drivers' mistaken practise of stopping for cyclists when the cyclists are facing the stop sign at an intersection, it was the exact letter I had composed in my head but hadn't had the focus to write. Mr. Tolmie articulates well the proper behaviour according to the rules. We all have to consider traffic flow of which the laws of the road were designed. Wisely, bicycles are grouped with cars generally though we need to get separate lanes and crossings at lights asap to really provide adequate accommodation of active transportation modes of travel. In the meantime, everyone should familiarize themselves with Rhett Tolmie's letter to avoid a lot of road rage and accidents. A couple of weeks ago, a driver stopped for me when I, on my bicycle, had the stop sign on Dublin Street and he had the right of way on the street crossing Dublin. Like Mr. Tolmie, I didn't budge and he went into a rage at me--"What the f - - - are you waiting for?" he screamed as he finally roared off. If you have the right of way, do not stop for cyclists who are rightly waiting for you at their stop signs. Stop for pedestrians though at every intersection but only if it makes sense. If they aren't even in the crosswalk area yet, cars should flow through instead of jamming on their brakes when they could have easily gotten through before the pedestrian ever stepped onto the road. It's sometimes not a rigid interpretation that is best, except when it concerns treating cyclists like pedestrians. That is not good practise and is dangerous as Mr. Tolmie says. And cyclists, if you are someone who is being given the right of way when it's not yours to take, please don't encourage uninformed car drivers by obliging their ignorance and exercising yours.

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Posted by Joanne Light on 07/29/2016 at 10:02 AM

Re: “An open letter to Rob Steele

Thank you, Mark, for expressing so well what has been in my heart, mind and gut for so many weeks. I encourage people to boycott Steele Auto Group and go test drive their cars under the pretense of buying and then say, "I didn't know this was a Rob Steele company. I don't buy from him because he destroyed a neighbourhood against the wishes of 90% of its residents." We have many pledges on the website and promises by people to not buy and to spread the word to others. Tell your friends and anyone who will listen what he has done and encourage them not to buy a vehicle from his companies.

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Posted by Joanne Light on 07/23/2016 at 4:15 PM

Re: “Why I stayed in Nova Scotia

New NDP Leader, Gary Burrill, is offering a revolutionary change for Nova Scotia--check out his platform. He is a lifelong anti-poverty advocate. Some of his platform so far is bringing back the film tax credit as it was, bringing in a carbon fee and recycling the revenue back to the lower income quintiles up to $32,000 and/or recycling some in this way and putting some into green energy infrastructure, free or reduced tuition, $15 minimum wage, an environmental rights commitment which was published in "The Coast" a couple of months ago. I'm not partisan and am not privy to his exact platform as it is just coming out but see his vision and the fact that he is not a crony politician as the best hope for Nova Scotia.

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Posted by Joanne Light on 07/10/2016 at 9:44 AM

Re: “Carbon pricing offers an answer to climate change

[I'm reposting because of typos in the first post]

"Bravo, Naomi and FUSION Halifax for raising awareness of the advantages of carbon pricing in Nova Scotia. This is a huge boost in the numbers of people who will be exposed to what a good idea a fair price on pollution is for Nova Scotia because, if the revenue is returned to the citizens in whole or part, 60% of the population from the lowest income households to the middle income households would come out ahead or break even. The federal government has stated there will be a price on carbon so the more quickly Stephen McNeil stops avoiding this and starts examining the best way to do this for Nova Scotians, the less we will be behind the rest of the world. We need to get to $150.00/T, asap to avoid a catastrophic four degree temperature rise--where we're headed because Stephen Harper's very weak targets for reduction are still in place.

Fusion Halifax is definitely leading the way for all of the above to happen. Congratulations to Naomi and her team, it takes courage, compassion and intelligence to lead on this file which has much more resistance in North America than the rest of the world because of the fossil fuel lobby.

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Posted by Joanne Light on 06/20/2016 at 1:59 PM

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