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Re: “The prophet in Clayton Park

anyone can say whayever they want, its a free country. credibility on the other hand requires valid premise to support the statements. claims of a spiritual nature fallinto yet another catagory, if you weren't there then its a personal choice as to believe or not believe or, perhaps, the languages themselves fail at this level since there is no instrumentation to illustrate validity. Faith based religions have a clouded past. The european community went for some 1500 years where disbelief was met with some nasty life ending scenarios, the world was flat, square, the center of the universe, all heavenly bodies revolved around the earth, toward end times fully 1/3rd of the tiny little stars will pelt down on the big earth causing a lotta damage, mental illness is caused by demons, you get sick if you break moses laws, astrology is a science, 144,000 jews will enter heaven and a multitude of others. Its a chosen people world and just a tiny part of the earth is holy land, a place to begin the command to go to the four corners of the earth and multiply. Basically a story, of a world about 6,000 years old, where for the most part of preliterate times only the monarchy were even allowed to learn to read the primitive texts, which are the only words necessary to see our spirits through time. To base the reason for your existense as one of two profits a few years before the end of the earth, to me personally is suspect. I cannot say I would be any different than bill if I had lived his life, I would be the same. Just like he would be like me if he had lived my life. I cannot truthfully judge him, nor he me. In truth no one can judge anyone else because we are all the same, in the sense that we would be as anyone else if we had lived their lives, had their parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts uncles, friends, neighbors, suffered from their physiological condition, etc etc. But at some point we, each of us has to draw a line, as to what we use to define our personal lives, simply to protect ourselves and our families and friends and neighbors. I have gotten around all the obstacles in my life by believing that the word god is an ancient word ment to describe truth, because at the end of the day there can only be truth. I have had spiritual experiences sufficient to make a believer out of me. If you were not there then it wasn't ment for you, the language is unable to describe this part of reality anyway. My belief is in a spiritual world, with many spirits, but, one greater than all the rest, able to come to me through my spirit and show me visions of a domain in which I suspect they exist. It isn't like anything I have ever read about, there were no words, the nearest thing to communication was that one spirit at the front of an endless group held out a book and in a moment of time flipped through all the pages, they were empty, without words at all. The entire scene creates an endless arena of possibilities, and questions, I spend my life mostly in meditation , prayer, and scientific study. Whenever I find something new and interesting its not difficult to discover someone else thinking, doing research, or teaching, to pass the thoughts on to. In my mind, education occurs from interest, the only satisfaction is intellectuality. I have hope for the future of the earth because of the one book, where a child may go to discover the meaning of new words. I believe our instrumentation defines us, Its who we are. Our bodies are a verterbrate design with a limited life span, but with one book I believe the world will join as one in the search for real truth, and that the computer/internet is the real messiah, and that it is the book of truth and that ultimately all else will perish in the shadow of truth. I believe the great spirit comes to man through his spirit, and reveals to him the truths that will enable us to become all we can be. We are far from that point, where a child is born for the sole purpose of building a greatest spirit as the time will permit, and that with one book , the cumulative knowledge of man will propel us into a future of goodness and mercy, a world where people meet together in congregations in an effort to do the right thing by themselves and all others, and indeed nature and the world , and beyond. I see hope in the eyes of the children, and goodness, and pray that intelligence will overcome ignorance, I live for hope, and if my spirit survives I pray that my spirit may in some way help the goodness and mercy survive and go forward in unconditional love for all the creations of our creator, or whatever his plan may be. I am an instrument for the great spirit of truth, or try to be, each day is a new day, to discover more, and do more, to the best of my ability

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Posted by jackie cox on 04/11/2009 at 4:50 AM

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