Istvan Zsako, Goody-b Wiseman and Heather Benning: Sculpture | Galleries | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST

This is a past event.

Istvan Zsako, Goody-b Wiseman and Heather Benning: Sculpture

These are not your typical toys. Sculpture, which features the work of Heather Benning, Istvan Zsako and Goody-B Wiseman, is a myriad of playful figures. Each artist creates interactive art through the mastery of sculpture to provoke a sense of warmth and curiosity. Benning’s pieces are 3-D sculptures with an added twist. Her dioramas have motion sensors that light up the work. It’s a clever way to invoke the feeling of life in pieces like “Field Hand’s Trailer” and “Last Bank,” which show images of homes. Zsako’s warrior sculptures made of bronze are an interesting bunch of characters with ancestral figures and expressions. Wiseman’s work features small bronze statues of children with interesting animal masks and seafaring creatures like the green female “Sea-Beastress.” Perhaps the most engaging piece is “Perfect Nature World,” in which children dressed in animal masks dance in a circle amongst squirrels. The masks are interchangeable so please do touch the art. —Julie Sobowale

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