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NSCAD University, Interdisciplinary Design

In this creative and welcoming environment, students develop professional problem-solving skills.

Natalia Ultremari
I'm a graphic designer at Form:Media.

For Natalia Ultremari, NSCAD University's Interdisciplinary Design program acted as a magnet, drawing her from São Paulo, Brazil to Halifax, Nova Scotia. The day after her graduation ceremony in May 2015, she began putting her Bachelor of Design degree to use as a graphic designer at Form:Media, an experiential design firm specializing in the built environment.

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As part of the team at the Dartmouth-based Form:Media, she works with other professionals—architects, planners, engineers and landscape architects—on projects including wayfinding, signage, interpretative panels for parks and museums, and branding.

Ultremari's portfolio stood out for its combination of graphic design and illustration when Form:Media was hiring. "She's doing stellar work. She has an ability to integrate her work with the other disciplines," says Form:Media Vice-President John deWolf, who graduated from NSCAD with a Bachelor of Design degree in 1992.

Studying Interdisciplinary Design at NSCAD prepares students to problem solve in groups, learning from classmates as well as from their professors. NSCAD "gave me the foundation to be curious, open-minded and to keep learning," Ultremari says. "It's such a welcoming, creative place to be."