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High School Musical

When: April 14-June 14 2009
Let me lay it on the line: I have no problem with the way Neptune has produced the squeaky-clean, pre-teen dream machine known as High School Musical. It’s a high-energy, creatively-choreographed piece of musical theatre populated by talented (if a little long in the tooth for high school) actors. My problem is with the way high school is painted for a bunch of impressionable prepubescents. In the world according to Disney, kids aren’t worried about drugs, gangs or sexually transmitted diseases. High school is all about finding your passion and getting people to like you. Give me the grittier teen world of West Side Story or even Grease, any day. Still, it was kind of heartening to see theatre seats filled with young people, although it would be nice if the adults accompanying the giggling darlings would remind them that the etiquette of attending live theatre is not the same as that of watching a movie at home.---Kate Watson. See Neptune's website for showtimes at


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