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Re: “Vets, can you sleep at night?

We have a really good vet here in the city. I guess I can’t name the clinic, but it’s located at the corner of Robie and North…

We’ve seen all three vets there, and they’ve never suggested anything but the bare minimum for our dog. In fact, a few times they’ve told us to go buy a cheap human product at the drugstore, rather than shelling out for the expensive veterinary equivalent.

I would highly recommend them.

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Posted by HH on 06/05/2012 at 11:11 AM

Re: “Dear HRM, why do you hate my dogs?

You can paint landlords as villains all you want, but I assure you – I’m a “pay it forward” kind of person too.

I’m sorry it makes you so mad, but it’s my property, i.e. my investment. And real estate is a HUGE investment. You can’t make me feel bad about wanting to protect my investment.

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Posted by HH on 04/27/2012 at 2:08 PM

Re: “Dear HRM, why do you hate my dogs?

I’m both a landlord, and an animal lover/dog owner. Having said that, I don’t allow dogs in my rental units.

All dog owners tell you they are responsible. Every. Single. One. And as other people have mentioned, that is anything but true.

Maybe your pooches wouldn’t chew the baseboards/drywall/window frame/blinds. Or scratch the newly refinished hardwood floors. Or pee on the carpets. Or bark and annoy the other tenants. Or bite someone else in the building. But as the property owner, I simply cannot take the chance, and have to assume they will.

While I certainly appreciate your frustration, you have to see our point of view as well. It’s not worth the headache – not when there are so many pet free renters to choose from.

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Posted by HH on 04/27/2012 at 12:41 PM

Re: “Halifax - let's be realistic...

Pirate City Hostage –

I’m a landlord. I own three homes on peninsular Halifax – I live in one, and rent the other two. I realize I’m incredibly fortunate to be able to own property in the city, and it’s a large part of my retirement plan.

But if you think that all landlords are making a killing off the backs of you poor renters, you’re sadly mistaken.

The reason it costs so much to rent a place in Halifax is simple – that’s what it costs to maintain a home in the city.

The rent I charge barely covers my expenses. Obviously I pay the mortgage on the property. But I also have to pay property tax, which keeps going up. I also have to provide water, which has increased almost 40% the last few years. I also have to carry a lot of insurance on the property – more than a regular homeowner.

So after it’s all said and done, my profit is less than $15 per month per property. It’s not exactly keeping me in diamonds and furs!

Are there landlords who are making tons of money off their tenants? Sure. But most of the people I know in the rental game in this city are just like me – they’re barely covering their expenses.

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Posted by HH on 02/06/2012 at 3:49 PM

Re: “If You Can't Teach, Teach Gym!

What the heck is an SET???

While I think you make a few valid points TJ, I respectfully disagree that "good" parents like yours are becoming increasingly uncommon.

Most of my friends have kids. My brother has kids. My cousins have kids. Just about all my neighbours have kids. And in my line of work, I deal with families on a pretty regular basis. In my experience, the obnoxious, self-centred parents are the exception, not the rule.

Sure, there are shitty, idiotic, annoying parents. Just like there are shitty, idiotic, annoying childless people. Having kids doesn't make someone a dick. They were a dick to begin with.

So, based on that, I'm standing behind my observation that the parent-hating on this website is largely unfounded.

Posted by HH on 11/04/2011 at 2:54 PM

Re: “If You Can't Teach, Teach Gym!

I don’t have children – I should clarify that right off the bat.

The attitude towards parents/children/families on this website is ASTOUNDING. It seems the general sentiment is that anyone who dares to start a family is “breeding” and “should have swallowed”. I find that really, really sad.

Sure, having children is a choice. Not everyone wants to have kids. Not everyone should have kids. I absolutely get that. But have you forgotten that we were ALL kids once? That our parents – gasp – all decided to procreate at one time or another?

Granted, there are bad parents. Parents who give good parents a bad name. But by and large, people with children aren’t looking for other people to do their job. They’re not looking to shirk their responsibilities. They’re good people who want nothing more than to have a family. Who want to raise good children.

To all of you who regard parents/children/families with such disdain I ask: what do you suggest? Should everyone stop having kids? Should civilization as we know it end with this latest generation? Is that what you want?

I’d love to really understand why there’s such animosity towards parents on this forum. There must be some root cause.

Posted by HH on 11/04/2011 at 12:11 PM

Re: “Wrong Attitude

What I despise is people who see your number on the phone, then give you the pissy “someone just phone me” call.

Obviously I dialed the wrong number. If I had wanted to speak to you, I would have left you a voicemail. No need to call me back and act all accusatory.

Posted by HH on 06/10/2011 at 12:42 PM

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