Halifax sex and dating survey

Single in the city: the results of The Coast’s sex and dating survey, everything from anal experiences to walks of shame. Probably NSFW.


Been on a blind date?
No 69.5%
Yes 30.5%

Been in a long term relationship?
Yes 87.4%
No 12.6%

Had a one-night stand?
Yes 67.6%
No 32.4%

One-and-only: More than two-thirds of respondents have had a one-night stand.

Had sex on a first date?
Yes 57.1%
No 42.9%

Hot meet: Almost three out of five respondents have had sex on the first date.

Picked up a bartender or a server?
No 85.1%
Yes 14.9%

Hit on someone at work?
No 33.2%
Yes 66.8%

Dated someone from work?
No 55.3%
Yes 44.7%

Office hook-up: While more than two-thirds of respondents have hit on someone they work with, fewer than half have actually dated a coworker.

Hit on someone at the gym?
No 87.6%
Yes 12.4%

Picked up someone at the gym?
No 96.1%
Yes 3.9%

Internet dated?
No 53.4%
Yes 46.6%

Yes 60.3%
No 39.7%

Tech sex: Though fewer than half of respondents have indulged in internet dating, sexting is a choice for three our of five people who took the survey.

Made a booty call?
Yes 64.2%
No 35.8%

Received a booty call?
Yes 68.6%
No 31.4%

Answered a booty call?
Yes 64.5%
No 35.5%

Received oral sex?
Yes 94.2%
No 5.8%

Performed oral sex?
Yes 94.9%
No 5.1%

Received anal sex?
Yes 60.6%
No 39.4%

Performed anal sex?
No 70.5%
Yes 29.5%

Ass play: A lot more folks are getting than giving. Or admitting to it.

Had group sex?
No 78.2%
Yes 21.8%

Paid for sex?
No 92.8%
Yes 7.2%


My gender is...
Female 60.5%
Male 38.4%
Other 0.9%
Transgendered 0.2%

My sexual orientation is...
Bi 8.7%
Bi-curious/sexual 5.5%
Not sure right now 2.2%
Other 0.9%
Past outmoded labels 4.6%
Queer 5.5%
Straight 72.6%

My relationship status is...
Common-law 17.2%
Complicated 10.1%
Divorced 1.4%
Married 11.2%
Open relationship 3.3%
Polyamorous 1.2%
Separated 1.8%
Serial-monogamist 15.2%
Single-and-looking 26.4%
Single-and-not-looking 11.2%
Swinger (married) 0.6%
Swinger (single) 0.4%

Daters alert: A quarter of survey respondents are single and looking.

In my relationship I am...
Cheating 1.7%
Get me outta here! 1.2%
Happy 52.9%
Lost 4.3%
n/a 30.3%
Restless and looking 9.5%

My age is...
18-24 43.1%
25-35 37.9%
36-45 12.5%
46-over 6.5%

I first became sexually active...
Under 18 55%
18-24 39.2%
25-35 2.1%
36-45 0.1%
46-over 0.1%
not yet 3.4%

The number of partners I’ve been with is...
0 0.1%
1-10 58.3%
11-30 27.4%
31-50 6.2%
51-100 3.7%
Who can remember? 2.9%

I live in...
Bedford 3.8%
Clayton Park/Fairview 7.7%
Cole Harbour/Eastern Shore 4.5%
Dartmouth 11.3%
Downtown/Barrington/Waterfront 6.7%
North end 17.9%
Out of town 15.8%
Quinpool/West end 14.9%
South end 17.5%

In the work world I am a...
Contract worker 3.7%
Fully employed citizen 28.2%
Member of the unemployed 3.5%
Part-timer 10.8%
Professional type 23.8%
Student 30%

Politically I swing...
A brick 20.8%
Green 11.9%
Liberal 24.1%
My chequebook 5.7%
NDP 26.8%
Progressive Conservative 6.2%
Stephen Harper Conservative 2.1%
with Jesus 2.5%


What’s your favourite way to meet potential lovers?
At clubs or bars 7.1%
At my work 4.2%
I won’t limit myself to a single method 35.5%
Other 1.7%
Through my friends 28.6%
Through my hobbies/interests 15.1%
Through the internet 7.8%

What’s the best place in Halifax to hook up?
The Dome, with Reflections 1st runner-up.

What’s the most appealing Halifax subculture?
Any student body 12.3%
Art school students 12.5%
Comic and fantasy nerds 7%
Eco-friendly vegans 7.7%
Gamers 4.5%
Jocks 3.6%
Medical Students 7.6%
North end hipsters 15.5%
Other 15.8%
Suits 7.7%
Surfers 5.9%

Gottingen hotties: North end hipsters are the most adored subculture.

What’s the first thing you’re attracted to?
Age 4%
Availability 3.3%
Body 9.9%
Job 1.7%
Looks 30.7%
Other 3.3%
Personality 28.2%
Sense of Humour 17.8%
Wealth 1.1%

Looks matter: it’s the first thing survey respondents are attracted to.

It’s best to ask someone out...
By text 6.1%
In person 72.5%
On the phone 12.2%
Online 8.5%
Through a friend 0.7%

Share an opening line that worked for you.

  • "Do you have a pen?"
  • "I can't really deal with downtown anymore."
  • "My balls are pierced." (How could I resist?)
  • "Nice boots." (Implied is the desire to engage in intercourse.)
  • "Wow, you are wearing a Veronica Mars t-shirt. I did not realize dudes like that show. Let us discuss it for several hours."
  • "You and I have been playing games all night. Where to next?"
  • A smile goes a long way...don't even have to say anything.
  • Are you as good a kisser as your sister?
  • Do you know how much a polar bear weighs? Enough to break the ice, hi I'm (your name here).
  • G'day (Said with my Aussie accent).
  • I want you more than a popsicle on a hot summer day.
  • If you need a line to open, you are either doomed, or a total douche.
  • Let's have sex (I'm a girl, that's all we need to say).
  • My current boyfriend asked; "Would you care to enter into a singularly monogamous relationship with me?" It was adorable, I loved it.
  • Wanna make out?
  • Why haven't you kissed me yet?

Is Halifax a good city to be single in?
Yes 63.1%, why?

  • Because every fall there is a new fall line-up.
  • Because of the huge student population in the south end.
  • Because there's a lot of events, activities, shows and opportunities to meet people. And if you don't, at least you aren't bored.
  • Halifax is an extremely socially active city. If you stop someone for the time in downtown Toronto most people won't even stop because they think you want money. Halifax is just a happy, laid back place where most people are happy to lend an ear.
  • Halifax, as a community, seems a lot more comfortable with alternative relationship dynamics and sexual diversity than other Maritime cities.
  • If I really wanted sex when I was single, I had little trouble finding it.
  • The gay community is very small and we know how to recycle if you know what I mean.

No 36.9%, why
  • Because everyone knows everyone, so 10-to-one the person you start dating has already dated your best friend's cousin.
  • Because all your ex-girlfriends are dating all your friends and seeming happy.
  • Although there are a lot of ways and places to meet people, Maritime men do NOT make the first move, be it in a bar or at the library.
  • 99 percent of the women I dated here I approached first.
  • It is small and feels incestuous sometime, especially if you are a woman dating women.
  • People don't break out of their social groups enough. It's like high school.

Have you ever developed a crush on someone because of their Facebook updates or Tweets?
No 80.9%
Yes 19.1%

Where are Canada’s most attractive people?
Calgary 2.2%
Halifax 25%
I don’t know where they are, but it’s definitely not here 13.9%
Moncton 1%
Montreal 31.1%
Other 8.2%
Toronto 8.1%
Vancouver 10.3%

Smoked meat: According to survey respondents, Montrealers are hotter than we are.

How much older a person would you ask out?
Around my age 12.5%
Don’t ask, don’t tell 8.4%
Has to be younger than me 2.5%
The older the better 3.1%
Up to 10 years older 38.3%
Up to five years older 35.2%

How much younger a person would you ask out?
Around my age 38.6%
Has to be older than me 11.3%
I respect the half-your-age-plus-seven rule 9.4%
Rules were made to be broken 6.9%
Up to 10 years younger 9.8%
Up to five years younger 24%


When dating someone new, how long before you go for a kiss?
First date 28.9%
Second date 14.2%
Third date 2.5%
Fourth date or later 0.5%
I decide on a case-by-case basis 42.6%
I let the other person make the first move 11.3%

Where do you like to go on a first date?
Cafe 23.3%
Dinner at home 5.6%
For a walk 20.5%
Meal at a restaurant 19.6%
Other 4.7%
Sightseeing 5.8%
Somewhere we can be active together 11.1%
To a movie 6.9%
To a play 2.6%

What can your date do to impress you?
Be curious about me 39.7%
Dress up 15.1%
Flatter me 8.7%
Have sex with me 3.9%
Other 5.3%
Pay for everything 6.9%
Smell good 20.5%

Advice to daters: Ask questions! Almost 40 percent of respondents list curiosity as impressive.

Who pays on a first date?
He does 35.5%
She does 1.3%
Split the bill 35%
Whoever asked 28.2%

Bill paying: It’s practically a dead heat between those who feel the man pays and those who say the bill is split. Continued awkwardness ensues.

What is the best topic to discuss on a first date?
Common interests 30.6%
Current events 12.2%
Dating history 1.6%
Music 16.2%
Other 2.2%
Politics 2.9%
Professional life 11.2%
Religion 1.9%
Sex 2.9%
Sports 3.4%
TV and/or movies 15%

Dating alert: It’s better to talk religion than dating history.

What’s the most common mistake made on dates?
Being inconsiderate 19.5%
Being miserly 10.9%
Being too forward 10.2%
Bringing a present 2.8%
Dressing poorly 9.1%
Other 1.6%
Talking about exes 24.8%
Talking about oneself too much 21.1%

What’s the biggest dealbreaker for getting into a relationship?
Bad kissing 10.6%
Bad sex 11.8%
Body odour 17.6%
Cultural divides 2.8%
Eating habits 4%
Intelligence or lack thereof 22.3%
Lack of education 8.1%
No common interests 17.2%
No fashion sense 3.3%
Other 2.3%

Smooching: Bad kissers can rejoice, only one in 10 respondents consider a poor kiss a dealbreaker.

At what point do you get exclusive with the person?
After one date 1.6%
After two dates 0.9%
After three dates 5.4%
After we have sex 10.9%
I don’t get exclusive 2.7%
I take that one case-by-case 78.4%

How many people have you dated at one time?
One only 49.4%
Two 29.9%
Three 13%
Four or more 2.9%
I don’t keep track, it’s all kind of fluid 4.7%

How long do you need to date someone before you know you’re in love?
One date, it’s gotta be a lightning bolt 8.4%
Two dates 1.8%
Three dates 3.8%
Four or more, you need to get to know the other person 86%

How long do you need to date someone before you know it’s not going to work out?
One date, I can tell right away 34.1%
Two dates 23.7%
Three dates 13.3%
Four or more, sometimes it takes a while to figure out 29%

Do you have any advice or comments to share about the dating scene?

  • A smile can travel far across a room.
  • As a single mom, guys are afraid dating me means becoming a dad. My daughter has a fantastic dad, get over yourself and pay attention to ME.
  • Be brave, be you and don't settle.
  • Be cautious, take your time, protect yourself and don't fall too fast.
  • Be confident in yourself, and be approachable.
  • Don't be uptight. You may miss something wonderful if you only open yourself up to one kind of a relationship. I'm in a fantastic relationship now, and it's only because both of us were open to letting it work, even if it wasn't what we expected.
  • People don't give the online dating world enough of a chance, much more solid dating option than picking up at a bar or club!
  • The question is not "Do you have an STD?", it's "Which one(s) do you have?"
  • Try and fail, it's part of the process.


When dating someone, how long before you have sex?
First date 7%
Second date 4.2%
Third date 5.3%
Fourth date or later 9.2%
I decide on a case-by-case basis 73.8%
I am saving myself for marriage 0.5%

Historically my best sex has been with...
A professional 0.3%
My ex 9.2%
My fuck-buddy/friends with benefits 22.7%
My longtime partner/lover 53.2%
Other 5.9%
Someone I met that night 8.8%

In the last year, have you had sex outdoors in Halifax?
I wish 30.2%
I wouldn’t 2.3%
No 44.2%
Yes 23.3%

Where’s the best place to have sex outdoors in Halifax?
Number one answer: Point Pleasant Park, with other options being...

  • Long Lake
  • Crystal Crescent Beach
  • I have a fantasy of getting bent over one of the cannons on Citadel Hill...
  • The graveyard off South St. and the one near TUNS. The living do need to dance upon dead minds.

In the last year, have you engaged in bondage?
I wish 11%
I wouldn’t 4.9%
No 61.5%
Yes 22.7%

How kinky are you?
I am an internet celebrity thanks to my kinks 1.5%
I don’t act on my kinks 7.1%
I experiment a bit 43.5%
I experiment a lot 10.5%
I need to act on my kinks more 24.5%
Not at all 12.9%

How kinky are average Haligonians?
Not at all 5.6%
They experiment a bit 29.8%
They experiment a lot 6.5%
They keep their kinks to themselves 29.2%
They need to act on their kinks more 26.4%
This city is legend 2.4%

Kinky boots: Survey respondents consider themselves more experimental than the average Haligonian.

What’s the next thing you want to try?
Number one answer: Threesome, with other possibilities being:

  • Anal
  • A sex swing
  • Dressing up like Jackie Chan
  • Fisting
  • Pegging
  • Serious role play. No professor and schoolgirl type shit, think Bonnie and Clyde doing it in a bank vault.
  • SPIDERMAN! It's when the guy ejaculates on the girl, it can be wherever, and when the girl scoops it up and flings in the guys face while yelling, “SPIDERMAN!”
  • Tickling another female in bondage ;)
  • Watching gay men having sex

How satisfying is your current sex life?
About average 13.5%
I’m not having sex at the moment 23.9%
Needs some spice 13.6%
Pretty hot, but there’s room for improvement 31.1%
The best ever 13.9%
Totally unsatisfying 4%

How many times do you masturbate in a typical week?
0 0.8%
1 13.9%
2 17.1%
3 17.9%
4 14.2%
5 13.2%
6 5.5%
7 6.9%
My hands are too busy to count that high 10.3%

Who’s the most doable Haligonian?
Ellen Page With runners-up including... Mark Little Matt Mays Sidney Crosby Megan Leslie


Share the story of your best date.

  • A camping trip around the Cabot Trail that was ill-planned but resulted in a deflowering on Ingonish Beach in the late night fog. Nice to meet you!
  • A couple of years ago when I found out that a good friend of mine was as in love with me as much as I was with her.
  • A spontaneous encounter. A crossword on the train, drinks all afternoon and a concert and dinner later that night. Lovely.
  • Chatted with a flight attendant online for several hours on a Saturday night. The next night he was at a Halifax hotel on a layover. He invited me over. It was explosive. Love at first sight! Instant chemistry. That was two years ago: still together.
  • Dinner at the Fireside, then up for a skate on the new skating Oval, then a pint at the Old Triangle, then run up to Parade Square to catch the New Years fireworks.
  • Going over to his parents' house, watching The Breakfast Club in the basement, making out. Only awesome because I later discovered that was his patented move with several friends: girl, brat pack movie, makeouts.
  • Great dinner at Chives, warm night, walk along waterfront, great conversation and even better sex at his hotel.
  • Indie show at a university bar, too many pitchers of beer, drunk humping.
  • Our staff Christmas party was at a nice restaurant downtown. We had a really attractive waitress and she flirted with me very subtly. Found out she was single and we went for coffee after her shift, then her apartment for the night. Simply amazing.
  • So much talking, so many compliments, so much eye contact, complete honesty, incredible kiss.
  • Ummm... New Year's Eve at La Cave (a million years ago)... much younger guy, freshly separated me. Apparently, our flirting freaked out the waiter. :) Further downtown after dinner, but to give you details on that would TOTALLY identify us both!
  • We had been flirting via Facebook after meeting through mutual friends, then I went to an art show in which she was featured and invited her and her friends back to my place for some drinks. Then her friends left but she didn't!
  • We were in Miami and after dinner, we went to the beach & watched the sunset. We found a secluded area and he gave me oral sex. Then we had long steamy sex in the sand. He was a fantastic lover.

Share the story of your worst date.

  • Third date; met up at the ‘Shoe. He had bought Mooseheads tickets. I don't like hockey and I wasn't dressed for it. Tried to let him go with his friends but he chased me up the street, yelling what an ungrateful bitch I was.
  • A guy who talked about his ass hair.
  • At the end of the meal, my date started snapping his fingers to get the bill, despite the fact that the waitress had been at the table two minutes before. His explanation? I need to be take care of when I am ready, not when they are.
  • Being out for dinner with a guy and his parents walk up to us half way to see how things are going.
  • Guy listening to his streaming Blackberry, the TV and his laptop ALL AT THE SAME TIME.
  • Guy started skipping and singing down Spring Garden Road for no reason.
  • He told me "I only date models, but thought I should try an average chick---so I asked you out."
  • I haven't had many but I do recall a long evening spent discussing fantasy novels, Star Trek and Rush that can never be reclaimed.
  • I went for coffee with this guy and soon realized that he was a little too arrogant and uptight for my liking. Afterwards we went for a walk and I took him to Venus Envy to look at butt plugs, inwardly giggling at how uncomfortable he was.
  • Purposely ate something that I am allergic to so I could leave and not listen to him talk about himself anymore!
  • This guy took me to Swiss Chalet and told me the origin of every gross scar on his body. And how I need to find Jesus.
  • We went to dinner and he drank too much and he kept grabbing my tits at the restaurant. Back at my place, he couldn't get my bra off so he ripped it off me. I let him fuck me and right after he came, he barfed all over my tits. Gross!

Share the story of your most memorable Walk of Shame.

  • 10:30am, Easter morning. Running in last night's clothes past the church, changing, and returning to church.
  • After a booty call at local hotel, walking past a drunk hockey team with a shit-eating grin on my face and cum all over my pants (I discovered later).
  • After a late night of partying I walked straight to a meeting in my party clothes, fresh from fucking my friend while another friend, her lesbian partner, took my anal virginity with a strap-on.
  • Black eye make-up and glitter smeared all over my face. Thank god I was in Dartmouth.
  • Blessedly short distance-wise, in a residence. Dude lived kitty corner to me. But then I was locked out and my roommate was in class, so I couldn't go home and I couldn't go back, and everyone in the hallway was giving me the old, "You and (that guy), eh?"
  • I lost my tights in his bed. It was April and thus cold, and I hadn't shaved my legs in weeks because I hadn't expected to get laid. It was a fifteen minute walk in a leopard print skirt and ho-boots at high noon on a Saturday. The word here is OBVIOUS.
  • I stopped for a can of Lysol on the way home to spray on myself.
  • I was seeing a guy who lived with his dad who was out of town. We started in the living room, leaving my shirt and bra there, finishing in his bed. We had wild, screaming sex. After, I was leaving his room and ran into his dad who handed me my bra.
  • Lost my shirt in a hotel room in Montreal. Great night but we couldn't find it at all. Walked through downtown with a hotel towel loose across my shoulders, holding hands with the girl. Oddly, no one seemed to notice. I love that city.
  • Morning after a Halloween party: walking home in remnants of costume, passing at the halfway point a coworker in his own costume, doing his own walk of shame...who eventually became a boyfriend.
  • Picked up a guy in a bar who knew my brother, couldn't remember the walk to his apartment, had no idea where I was in the morning when I called a friend to come pick me up, and had to look at his Walmart employee tag on his dresser to find out his name.
  • University: ended up at an all-female residence with a stranger after a dance but she forgot to lock her dorm room. We woke up in the middle of the following afternoon with about two dozen of her dorm mates looking in from the hall. Only had my tux.
  • When I first moved here I used the bus system. I think it was the third time I was on it and I was standing near the back holding onto the top bar. Long story short, I grabbed a guy’s package in front of his kid while trying to stay upright.

Describe an experience you’ve had in the last year that could be in a porn movie.

  • A couple of weeks ago me and my boyfriend were going at it so hard that my bed actually broke. Instead of stopping, he lifted me onto his lap with one arm, stood up and did me against the wall instead. I was impressed!
  • Attending a swingers party and having group sex in a hotel room.
  • Committed attempts to have my girlfriend cum by rubbing my nipples and breasts on her clit.
  • Flew a dude I met on the internet to Halifax all the way from the Southern States. Started making out at the door at first meeting and proceeded to the bedroom. Ah yea.
  • Gagged a guy and shoved a dildo up his ass, meanwhile calling him a worthless piece of shit.
  • Getting fucked from behind while being pressed, naked, against the glass of an office building in downtown halifax, overlooking the harbour.
  • Having a candle-lit photo shoot in seamed stockings, snakeskin heels, and a corset, followed by lots of anal and bondage.
  • I had sex with three people, but I was so drunk I fell off the bed laughing and ruined the porn potential.
  • I still have the bruises, and I don't know how his wall is doing but OH MY GOD.
  • I was in a game of truth or dare that took about four dares to escalate from start to full-on five- person orgy.
  • Met two friends from grade school at a bar; made out with both over the course of the night. Left with both.
  • Well, there have been a few circumstances involving bad dialogue and terrible moustaches that might qualify...

What do you want to do sexually before you die?
Most popular answer: Threesome, other ambitions include...

  • Actually orgasm during sex.
  • All butt, all the time.
  • Anger sex, to the point where we are fighting to be on top and beating the shit out of each other.
  • Be involved in the successful and amazing DP of a girl.
  • Enter a hotel like in the movies where the two people are groping and kissing all the way up the elevator, down the hall and into the room.
  • Have my every whim catered to by a pair of hot naked guys.
  • I want to have rough sex in public with dozens of people watching with excitement.
  • I want to make a baby.
  • I've got a MAJOR Student/Teacher complex I definitely need to get out of my system.
  • Send pictures of my dick to Brett Favre.
  • Try both sides of a glory hole.

Last but not least, please share comments and/or questions and/or suggestions about sex and/or dating and/or Halifax and/or this survey.

  • As someone who identifies as asexual, there was not much I could answer on this. I had fun anyway.
  • Be open and upfront with what you like no matter how weird you think it may be. And don't be so vanilla there are so many ways to enjoy your partner, just spice it up and try something new!!!
  • Great survey! Such a salient topic but it hardly gets touched.
  • I am now feeling ashamed of myself. Please stop judging me.
  • I think the term "queer" under sexual preference is offensive---especially for The Coast.
  • I want Peter North to cum on me.
  • If there was ever a city where friends should snuggle with friends, it's this one. Loosen up, Halifax. We're all pretty awesome.
  • It is very difficult for thirty-something. professional women to meet thirty-something professional men to actually date. Like, crazy hard.
  • I think people around here are too conservative, still, when it comes to sex and relationships. Polyamorous people don't feel comfortable "coming out."
  • Just accept the incestuous nature of this city or end up a bitter prude.
  • Not enough questions about sex. Should have more stories to share about sex (for the entertainment value).
  • Not open-minded. Too conservative. Too stuck up for no reason. Too skanky. Too many douche bags running around. Too many single mothers!
  • Please, Halifax men, stop being in such a rush to get married. And please stop wanting to have babies once you hit 35.
  • Sex is weird.
  • This survey is a good one, I enjoyed it. Sex is awesome, but sometimes I know I am too shy, and I don't do everything that I want to. I am not the best at "dirty talk" and I would like to learn more on that topic. What do guys like?
  • Where can I rent a himbo?
  • Wrap it up boys! You wouldn't put a sandwich in the fridge without covering it. How is your penis any different than a sandwich?
  • Your question about “who pays on the first date” was kind of heterosexist with the “he pays, she pays” option.

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