Station Six pumps out the patties for Burger Week

Station Six pumps out the patties for Burger Week

The Spryfield restaurant has sold over 1,200 burgers and counting.
In March, around the same time the first case of COVID-19 was reported in Nova Scotia, triggering a province-wide shutdown, over 150 restaurants were preparing for Burger Week. The annual foodie festival typically brings out meat lovers in droves, packs restaurants to capacity, and donates thousands to Feed Nova Scotia.

Halifax Burger Week is back

Mask and you shall receive, October 22-31.
After a six long months of postponement, new normals, adjusting to dining-out best practices and talking with restaurants about the best way forward, we’re excited to announce Halifax Burger Week 2020 is happening!

The 2018 Halifax Burger Week passport is here

Download your Halifax Burger Week passport now
This year's passport is here! Download your copy of this year's list of 125 burgers available from March 22 - 28, 2018!

Wines of change

With new owners, a keen winemaker and a fresh vision, Jost Vineyards–Nova Scotia’s wine pioneer–is ready to take flight.
Jost Vineyards are piercing green this time of year. Hundreds of rows of vines run down the slopes of the grassy hills toward the Northumberland Straight.

Time to Unwined

Learn the basics about wine tasting from the comfort of your own home via Moira Peters’ portable parties.
Moira Peters doesn't think there's any room for snobbery in wine tasting. "Snobbery around wine really irks me. That's probably my Nova Scotia character coming out," she admits.

Tour de force

With nearly two seasons under its belt, the glass is half-full for Grape Escapes wine tours.
Piling into a van to explore Nova Scotia's wine country with Susan Downey feels closer to a road trip with pals than a stuffy, scripted tour. She knows her stuff, but also knows how to read a crowd in order to flex just the right amount of expertise.

For richer or pourer

Locked away in Onyx’s cellar is the most expensive bottle you’ll find on a Halifax wine list. What makes it worthy of such a price?
The wine list at Onyx is extensive, to say the least, with 320 bottles of red, white and sparkling wine ranging from $29 to thousands. Appropriately, they label their wines by occasion–"everyday," "celebratory," "special occasion" and "you only live once"–to organize, and perhaps to legitimize, the small fortune one might pay for a wine in the latter category.

Best vines

Get a feel for the state of Nova Scotia’s wine industry by trying these five picks from sommelier
Nova Scotia wines have gained momentum to the point that the rest of Canada takes notice, especially of our aromatic Tidal Bay white blends and bubblies made using the “traditional method” as per Champagne.

Match maker: pairing wines with snack food

Make merry by marrying your favourite foods to their most compatible wine.
Sommelier and co-owner of Obladee, A Wine Bar, Heather Rankin, guides us on how to elevate drink and dish through harmonious pairings using basic wine styles and popular snacks.

Pink matter

Ever wonder why the heck you can’t have your burger cooked a little on the rare side?
Recently, I took a couple friends visiting from California out for lunch.

Burger queen, Beverly Griswold

In a city where hamburgers tend to be piled high with sauces and toppings, Westcliff’s simple pleasure still stands out as a winner.
Beverly Griswold lays out a simple paper placemat in front of my friend Mark and one in front of me, as Mark fills out the little swatch of paper with the details of our burgers---the famous burgers at the Westcliff Grocery & Lunch.


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