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Flowers for the Season 

Seasoned advice from My Mother's Bloomers' Neville MacKay.

Years ago, deciding what flowers were available at different times of the year was rather easy. Spring flowers in spring, summer ones in summer, etc. However, with the worldwide markets opening up so much, the availability of flowers is greater, although there are still some restrictions and recommendations. When thinking about flowers for your wedding, remember to consider the season. In Canada we are climate and seasonally influenced (tulips in July, although available, do not show as well as they do in March and April). Here is a thought that may help me explain: when strawberries are in season we cram as many as we can down our gullets even though we can get them all year long. They taste better, look better, smell better and usually are cheaper when in season. Well, that is the same with many flowers. When tulips, peonies and lilacs (for example) are doing their thing there are a lot of them all at once and that drives down the prices. Below is a list of some of the most popular and easily attained flowers for weddings

-listing times of year available. Now, know also that this can (and often does) change due to crop failures from floods, frosts, drought and infestations. Nature lets us know who is really in charge now and then, but there is ALWAYS a plan B, so do not despair!

Alstroemeria: yr (year round)

Anemone: all but the summer months

Bouvardia: yr (best in summer) Calla lilies (mini): yr

Calla lilies (large): yr (best in spring and early summer and colours can be pricy!)

Cymbidium orchids: yr (iffy in August)
Carnations: yr
Daisies: yr
Dendrobium orchids: yr
Eustoma (Lisianthus): yr (best in late spring/summer)
Freesia: yr
Gerbera: yr
Gladiola: yr (best in late summer/fall)
Greenery: yr
Gypsophila (Baby’s Breath): yr
Helianthus (Sunflower): yr (best in late summer/fall)
Hippeastrum (Amaryllis): winter/early spring
Hydrangea: yr
Iris: yr
Lathrys (Sweet Pea): late spring into July
Lily (All varieties): yr
Limonium (Statice): yr
Matthiola (Stocks): best in spring/summer
Narcissus: winter/spring
Peonies: April-July (best) and for a time in late Sep-Oct
Phlox: yr (best in summer/fall)
Ranunculus: spring and early summer, a little in fall
Roses: yr
Solidago: yr
Stephanotis: yr
Tropical Flowers: yr mostly (Bird of Paradise, Ginger, etc.)
Tulips: yr (best in late winter, spring and early summer)

This is just a guideline. Every florist may have different availability. Not all flower shops can get every flower. Different importers offer different choices, smaller centers sometimes cannot bring enough of one type in to justify the cost, etc. Be creative and flexible and enjoy picking your flowers for your bouquet.

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