Benjamin Bridge is a force of nature

Benjamin Bridge is a force of nature

Curious, creative and inspired by its eccentric geography, Benjamin Bridge’s timeless taste and innovative spirit are elevating Nova Scotia wine culture.
The tide is high in the Bay of Fundy.

Five new-to-Nova-Scotia grape varieties

A ripe for the picking rundown of what’s new on the vines.
As an emerging wine region, Nova Scotia faces constant questions about what grapes to plant and nurture for wine.

Thinking outside the vines

From the south shore to Cape Breton, the wine regions outside of the Annapolis Valley navigate a unique set of challenges—and advantages.
T he Annapolis, Gaspereau and Avon River valleys and their concentrated cluster of wineries contribute undeniable richness to Nova Scotia's wine landscape.

Four local wines to hunt down

Local wine experts weigh in on what homegrown bottles they’re drinking.
Lesley Quinn, sommelier at The Barrington Steakhouse & Oyster BarDrink of choice: 2015 Mercator Sauvage Sur Lie "It's one of the first white wines in Nova Scotia that I feel has shown real complexity.

Annapolis royalty: a first look at Lightfoot & Wolfville

A trip to the just-opened, epic winery where heritage and modernity meet on the shores of the Minas Basin.
L ightfoot & Wolfville is a winery that was planted by a farm, a wonderful expression of what can be grown in Nova Scotia.

Warner Vineyards—Nova Scotia's grape god

The province’s largest indie grape grower, Warner Vineyards, is growing the industry, one vine at a time.
It’s been a dry summer.

NSCC raises a class

NSCC’s Kingstec campus invests in the next generation of Nova Scotia wine makers.
The Nova Scotia Community College's campus in Kentville is bearing more fruit than ever before.

Viticulture shock

With the help of Dalhousie’s Sean Myles, Warner Vineyards has become a breeding ground for new, innovative grapes varietals.
Sean Myles has been working on breeding new grape varieties since 2011, when he partnered with Hans Christian Jost—the then-owner of Jost Vineyards—on a cross of Muscat and L'Acadie Blanc grapes.

Message in a bottle: 5 wine picks from local experts

The bar scene’s trustworthy wine experts weigh in on what you should be drinking right now.
So far, this fall isn't really all that fall-like—not that we're complaining.

The Wine Lover's Guide to Atlantic Canada reads between the vines

Moria Peters and Craig Pinhey team up to write an ode to the region’s winemaking industry.
Moira Peters knows a lot about wine.

Take a sip of the Fall Wine Guide

This week we’re doing it all for the vine. From our mind grapes to yours, a celebration of Nova Scotia's wine.

Orderly conduct

Tips on remaining chill while ordering wine in a restaurant.
It happens more than you'd like to admit—you're trying to make a good impression when you're handed the wine list and the anxiety begins.

Five wines for $15 and under

Because you don’t have to shell out top dollar for great wine.
You don't have to sacrifice taste for price if you know where to look.

Drink up the Fall Wine Festival

Pop the cork on this boozy to-do list
Winemakers Dinner and Auction Wine is at the heart of this event but a performance from Symphony Nova Scotia and a four-course meal are the added bonuses.

Port of Wine Festival toasts two decades

Celebrating 20 years of tasting all the world’s wine.
This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Port of Wines Festival, and they're celebrating in style.

Just try me: local wines to drink this fall

The best local vinos to try this fall, as suggested by some of Halifax’s connoisseurs.
Domaine de Grand Pré, Haskap Sparking Wine $23.75 Haskap, a berry native to our province, gives this wine just a hint of body and sweetness.

Not all homemade wines

Making a case for making a case of homemade wine.
Don't judge a wine by its homemade label—yeah, the one that's just "Merlot" scrawled on a jagged strip of masking tape.

The Tidal’s high

A look at Tidal Bay, Nova Scotia’s wild child appellation, after three years.
While the Nova Scotia wine scene has traditionally been a straggler when it comes to fame and accolades, our first official wine appellation, Tidal Bay, has managed to turn that all around in a matter of only a few years.

Tidal Bays to try

Get to know Nova Scotia’s unique appellation
Avondale Sky 2014 Tidal BayBlend: L’Acadie Blanc, Vidal, Geisenheim, Osceola Muscat, Petite Milo Heavy on the citrus notes and high in acidity, this crisp and sharp white is perfect when chilled to the bone and served with a light fish dish or a fresh, zesty pesto dish.

The big cheese

In a pairing challenge to rule them all, Simon Thibault asked four wineries what to drink with these locally-produced cheeses.

Cheers! It's the Fall Wine issue!

Got that drinking feeling?
Go ahead, pour yourself a glass of this full-bodied feature and raise it to another harvest season. A couple of swigs of this and you’ll get inside the heads of six of Nova Scotia’s winemakers, meet the up-and-coming Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards, realize you should probably start drinking rosé and plot your to-do list for this year’s Fall Wine Festival.


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